Bachelor Pad: Episode 5

The recap will be up as soon as I figure out where I can get one of those cool spin the bottle tables.  I’m thinking Brookstone perhaps?  Sharper Image? Sky Mall?

Feel free to discuss last night’s episode in the comment section.  I’ve got two words for you:  rocket ship.

Have fun.

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Post It Girl
Post It Girl
September 7, 2010 8:51 am

I’m thinking next week all those kicked off the Pad off come back to vote for their favorite Plastic to win.

And Tenley proved she was in an orbit all of her own – why did I keep thinking the kid rocket toys you ride outside the food store when she said that? Would have saved ABC some money needed for the fruit basket this Christmas to the FCC.

September 7, 2010 8:55 am


I think Skymall would be your best bet for the spin the bottle table, they carry all the useless stuff no one wants to buy. What a silly game, like we didn’t know who the guys would pick. It would have been more fun if the couples had been broken up like Wes wanted.

OMG, Elizabeth needs some serious therapy, it used to be funny but now she is beyond pathetic. When Kovacs said she had a screw loose, I yelled at the TV “No, she has several!” LOL

Megan C.
Megan C.
September 7, 2010 9:02 am

I didn’t really think it was fair how the three girls went. They weren’t able to compete at all to stay.

witchy women
witchy women
September 7, 2010 9:03 am

Could these participants act any younger? I felt “like”I was back in “like” junior high school! How do they function in the real world? Even the “spin the bottle” was lame!

So sorry to see Peyton and Jesse B. go! The whole premise of this show now seems to spotlight the plastics. The other 3 girls NEVER stood a chance. So predictable, which just isn’t fun!

The DWTS finale looks to be an even bigger train wreck!! Why ABC continues to spotlight this group is beyond me. Great material this week, Lince! Can hardly wait!

September 7, 2010 9:08 am

Lincee, I can hardly wait for your recap, so much material. Case of the Kovacs, Kiptyn cutting up the raw chicken..what was that? The rocket ship, the fantasy suite sneak. I am most excited to see next week. Tenley will be able to dance what is in her heart…Kip not so much. The train wreck just keeps getting better!

September 7, 2010 9:19 am

#3..Megan C. I agree. I think the girls should have competed for the top 4 spots, and the guys could pick a partner from those 4. Not the way they did it…way too predictable!

So I had assumed that Kovacs and Elizabeth had slept together before, but she was sounding like that was the first time?

What was up with all Natalie’s mean facial expressions at the rose ceremony? She looked like she was the one being screwed over! I definitely don’t think Dave is feeling it for her like she is for him.

I am a little more bored with this show than I anticipated. Although, next week should be very entertaining! Can’t wait to Elizabeth turn green watching Kovacs and Edyta. And I am assuming that next week is when we will get to see our favorite Bachelor, Jake. Ought to be a fun one.

September 7, 2010 9:22 am

Didn’t think of the others coming back to crown the winner but how else would they do it? hahahahahahaha Karma! Who would they vote for but Kip, maybe? Maybe Jesse for putting up with Elizabeth…..she is big time crazy town girl. I want to hear from the guys out there. Do guys really buy what she is selling? As a lady, she is a fake as fake can be to me and I’m not just talking about her “blonde” hair. Every emotion (if she really has any) seems practiced. She is NOT a girls’ girl.

September 7, 2010 9:42 am

I agree the 7 girls should have been allowed to compete for the 4 remaining spots. The way it was done was lame and not fair because we could see how it was going to end.

Surprised to see Dave show some emotion when he was talking about his parent’s divorce and his fall out with his dad. No wonder he has so much rage inside.

The DWTS competition next week should be a blast, our girl Tenley will get to express her feelings through her dance. By the way, was that gummy bears in their champagne when they were in the hot tub?

September 7, 2010 9:51 am

Ladies…to answer your question guys think of Elizabeth as “psycho”.

The boil your bunny kind of psycho. All her other negative traits take a back seat to this. Obviously she has no brain. Her taste is highly questionable…her hair being the example. In Jake’s season she was H.O.T. HOT. The dark hair light eyes combo was great. But in the span of that season to now she looks like she’s been used up. The whole look screams smoking crack-whore.

Kovacs is playing with fire…but in the context of the game her craziness left him little choice unless he got her booted very early on…which he didn’t do.

September 7, 2010 10:14 am

The rocket ship thing kept killing me too! I swear, she is a 5 year old trapped in a 20-something body.

I agree that I hate the way they decided on the 4 girls who would stay. If not a competition, which would have been best, why not spin the bottle toward the girls, and then the first 4 girls selected by the bottle could choose the guys. Would have shaken things up and been way less predictable.

Aunt B
Aunt B
September 7, 2010 10:18 am

Already said this on another post, so SORRY! But, I think the title of Lincee’s recap for last night’s show should be “SHE’S GOT A SCREW LOOSE AND YOU GOT LAID!”

Lincee, heard the Spin the Bottle table was the cover item for the Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog….however, I’m sure The Trailerhood option will be available in the sheds at Canton First Monday Trade Days in October!

Am I the only 50-ish person wondering the strangeness of Kovacs/Nutgirl with hot mikes while they are shakin’ sheets in the Fantasy Suite? That was just NASTY….I really didn’t need to hear that conversation, BUT oh my stinkin’ EEWWW! I think Kovacs should have told Nutgirl….”I’m glad you came tonight, thanks for playin'” and sent her on her way…..

Guys Take
Guys Take
September 7, 2010 10:19 am

I don’t think any guy buys it, including Kovacs. The only reason he’s still with her is for the money. I cringe at her manipulative B.S. and fishing for compliments at every turn. She is CRAZY and has some serious issues. So first, she sleeps with Kovacs, then pouts about him “not fighting for her”? What the heck was that? What does she expect him to do? Clearly he’s only with her to get to the top prize, I can see the sickness in his face whenever she’s around. That feeling you have when you’re with someone that you don’t like anymore, and you’re waiting for the right time to “talk”.

Green Bean Queen
Green Bean Queen
September 7, 2010 10:22 am

When Kip was cutting up the chicken and Tenley came to talk to him, did anyone notice that she looked like she was growing a mustache? Maybe the ABC waxer had the week off. Upper lip growth actually made our Disney princess seem more like a real person to me, even though it was gross and all I could think about after I noticed.

I also thought Elizabeth and Kovacs had probably sealed the deal long ago, but she’s such a huge tease, that maybe not. He must have not been very good in the sack, because she wasn’t exactly basking in the afterglow and nursing a cigarette afterward. Such angry pillow talk!

When she and Kovacs were standing together during the rose ceremony, it just came to me that I bet Elizabeth has a TON of debt. I mean, she worked as a Nanny, yet she has the plastic surgery (shoddy as it is), a new outfit for each day, and accessories to match. She just seems like the kind of girl who would have a hard time discerning between needs & wants and would pull out the plastic at will. They should do a competition that reveals each contestant’s level of debt and credit score–Now THAT’S the stuff that tests relationships!

September 7, 2010 10:35 am

That scene with Kipton and Tenley had a lot of distracting close up shots of cut up raw chicken. was that supposed to be some kind of drama or symbolism, abc camera guys? “I will not hesitate to put you on the chopping block this week like all this raw chicken!”

September 7, 2010 10:38 am

Last night was a definite train wreck. Can’t wait to hear how Lincee spins this! SO much material! I think they should have let the girls play spin the bottle and choose the guys with the remaining girls going home….would have been more interesting and shaken things up a bit. They way they played it was so predictable. And Tenley….oh Tenley….when she said the rocket ship comment the first time I thought it was stupid…but then she said it again….and again….and again. Really? I like her but she gets on my nerves something fierce. Like medicine, I can only take her in small doses. Elizabeth is certifiably crazy. I really hope Kovacs doesn’t own a bunny.

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