Bachelorette Des — Week 5

The recap will be up as soon as I stop giggling at the term “hot tug.”  I’ve decide to embrace the immaturity of it all.  Much like Des embraced the immaturity of the actual hot tug date.

Feel free to read a mini-cap over at Huffington Post by clicking HERE.

In the words of German Elvis: “Danke. Danke Schön.”

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June 25, 2013 9:09 am

OK, I’ll be first again!

I thought we were going to see Drew make good use of Ari’s wall, but that must be next week – I can’t wait!

I have only been watching this show for a few years, but that was the best group date – the only one I’d really want to go on! Didn’t the guys look cute in their non-pastel colors and sunglasses? Also, the weird hair got covered up by their hats.

I am so sick of Michael, but I’m glad she gave Ben the boot. Interesting that he never said anything back to Michael: was it gentlemanliness, wimpiness (probably not a real world), or because he was right.

Also, what was the deal with Michael’s mop of curls before his date?

Still love Chris and Brooks, but Drew is growing on me, and I don’t mind Kasey as much.

Did they cancel the cocktail party because they knew Drew and Kasey were going to get James sent home, and they needed him to stay one more week to spread out the trauma?

June 25, 2013 10:25 am

Not seeing it with any of these guys except possibly Chris. There’s something feminine about Brooks and Kasey (hashtag) is more then a little girlie. How immature for the guys to gather in a bedroom to gossip about the other guys! I cant imagine a normal guy doing that. Poor Des, she really got a weird group for her season and I’m wondering if decent guys are just not into applying for the show unless it’s those who hope they turn a reality show into a legitimate acting career and we’ve seen how that turns out for countless other celeb-wannabes.

June 25, 2013 11:35 am

Some idiot lit candles. IN THE ICE HOUSE. Lincee, your HPost mini-cap just left me wanting the whole thing. Refresh, Refresh, Refresh. Nothing ever gets done around here on Tuesdays!

Kim H.
Kim H.
June 25, 2013 11:41 am

I agree with kt, in that the group date seemed to be the most fun out of them all. I lived in Germany for 6 years, and it is truely as beautiful as it comes across screen. I thought the boat ride in the hot tub was soooo cool, never seen that before.

ok, Michael, Michael, Michael. lol he was actually the one i thought was the most handsome out of the bunch, but the more he talks, and the way he attacks ben, made me NOT like him anymore. He is very whinny omg! Also does anyone notice his stares during rose ceremony- looks crazy. Also I kept laughing when he kept saying that he is going to uncover the lies of ben, (speaking in prosecutor mode).

My fav now is Zak (although i think she is more into Brooks) BUT what I find interesting is when Chris Harrison asked her who she likes to kiss, she said Brooks, THEN she said Zak is a great kisser….did anyone catch that??? so now i’m thinking Zak might be a front runner, because why did we not see Zak kissing her???? it’s like the producers want us to be distracted from him and not focus on their developing actions. lol

I also have to add about Bryden!!!! I believe Bryden accepted the rose, because he diden’t know how to tell her no in front of the guys…It was CLEAR he was not interested to move on, but i think it’ might have caught him off guard when Des did not get the hint….then, Des acts surprised when he tells her this in Germany. I think Bryden should have told her this Before her date with Chris, but the producers may have wanted him to do it during the date to cause drama.

June 25, 2013 12:15 pm

I decided I couldn’t take another season of Bachelorette, so I haven’t been watching. But I still ready your blog faithfully! Even not knowing the players, your comments make me laugh out loud! My favorite today is #riiiiiiiiiicola 🙂
You are SO talented. Thanks for sharing!

June 26, 2013 6:12 pm

It’s Canada Goose, not LL Bean 😉 Seems to be a preferred Bachelor franchise brand! Keep up the good work with these recaps, I look forward to them almost more than the show. I think Chris is stealing our girl’s heart for sure!

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