Nehemiah 8:10


This website is my baby.  And since I haven’t posted in two weeks, I feel like a horrible mother who lets her kid sit around in a dirty diaper without changing it for hours.  There’s some weird, freaky guilt that goes along with having this “responsibility” that you blatantly ignore for 14 days.  In the eight years since I decided to go FULL BLOGGER, I’ve never gone more than four

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Happy Easter


Merry Christmas!

A day of reflection

I’m sitting here in my twin bed as my roomie Nancy Jane peacefully sleeps. Bless her heart. She only got three hours rest last night because we are sharing a computer to blog our travel adventures during Israeli Invasion 2008. Tonight it was my turn to go last. It’s 12:54 p.m. As I think back on this day during its last six minutes of existence, I’m working hard to recall

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