Dancing with the Stars recap: Icon Week

Dancing with the Stars Recap — Celebrating musical icons

It’s icon week on Dancing with the Stars and Many Moore crushes her opening choreography with a disco number hot enough to make your bell bottoms bloom. It had sparkles and big hair and smooth chests of young boys — everything you imagine Studio 54 harbored back in the day. Erin decides to dress Gothic fierce with a severe wet head, smokey eye and skin-tight red dress. I guess her icon is GaGa? Who knows? What we do know is that once again, the front runners get the coveted spot at the end of the show. Let’s check in with our bottom dwellers!

Jodie and Keo
“For Once In My Life” by Stevie Wonder
Jodie is confused by their low scores from last week when she and Keo copied a dance from a video few people have seen. She’s also really hurting, like, all over her body. It’s nothing a quick “crack” from Keo can’t fix. Jodie skips about in a one-armed yellow number looking like someone who is in it to win it. She’s trying extremely hard. Keo is Keo. I just wish I had some sort of feelings toward him except “meh.” I also think standard ballroom is hard for him because he’s a Latin ballroom guy. It’s not natural for him to glide and swoop. The judges compliment Jodie on her “attack” and “willingness to commit.” I think that’s code for: You’d did alright with what Keo gave you and we’ll let this one slide.

Kim and Sasha
“ABC” by the Jackson 5
If Jodie is confused by her last week’s scores, Kim is straight up ticked off. She doesn’t like being in the bottom. She is a personal friend of Ms. Janet Jackson and is going to OWN this dance even if Sasha does feel like pooping his pants from anxiety. I was a little too excited about their matching chartreuse and black ensemble, but when they turned off the lights and danced in black light, I was all the way thrilled. I also sort of squealed with an “awwwww” when he kissed her on the cheek mid-routine. Sasha is adorable. At the end of their samba, Kim encourages the audience to keep up the enthusiastic clapping with some Arsenio Hall gestures. Man, we are really throwing back to the ‘80s on this one! Carrie Ann praised Kim for getting pissed and bringing her A-game.

Nyle and Peta
“Beautiful Day” by U2
As I suspected, a cloud of self-sabotage loomed over Nyle thanks to his remark last week that Val is his real competition. Nyle feels bad and lets everyone to know that he wants to make sure he represents deaf people on television well. He shouldn’t have said what he said. Peta thinks his comment was taken out of context. Nyle is bummed, the opposite of joyful and oh by the way, Peta wants her old partner back. She decides to strip the foxtrot down to the basics, dress them both in pastel pink and depend on three smoke machines to cover any footwork that may not be perfect. Although the routine was nice and neat, Nyle still didn’t look comfortable. He looked like he wanted to get off the stage. Up in the booth, Peta explains that her dress had to be cut during rehearsals and everything was just off — including Bruno’s paddle! He wrote down 9 on the judges sheet but held up a 10. So close.

Antonio and Sharna
“Painted Black” by the Rolling Stones
Antonio is still basking in his Footloose glory, but he can’t stop talking about how he and Sharna are a team. Something tells me he’s still annoyed that she told the world Nyle was going to win this thing. Sharna shuts down his signature smile because the tango is serious business. This is a different kind of booming and he needs to get it right. Who cares that the JV dancers are holding flashlights up to their faces like pre-pubescent girls telling ghost stories after a rousing night of watching Dirty Dancing while eating raw cookie dough? Sharna’s hair is big, magenta and can easily do all the talking. The weird lighting makes Antonio’s rather large diamond earring sparkle even more in the ballroom. Even though it was chunky in parts, Antonio rocked it. The judges didn’t think so. My favorite moment was when Tom compared the backup dancers to those in the Slytherin House. Tom is my spirit animal.

Wanya and Lindsay
“Say A Little Prayer” by Aretha Franklin
Wanya has to be in New York this week for a Boyz II Men obligation and he is mad, mad, mad about his schedule. Lindsay is a little worried too. I assume that’s why she choreographed an entire minute of theatrical nonsense at the beginning of their number. There was so much fluff and hardly any foxtrot. Both were in ice blue (which was super pretty) and Lindsay looked like a Stepford Wife version of Elsa. The camera blocking was entirely off thanks to a handful of trees and a fake house which had taken over the ballroom. I didn’t love it. Neither did the judges. But their scores didn’t reflect that.

Val and Ginger
Viennese Waltz
“I Am Nothing” by Whitney Houston
Val has reached the point where he’s in winner mode. He’s pushing Ginger so hard that she almost loses her permanent smile. Once he realizes she’s on the verge of tears, Val apologizes and tells her she’s the best experience he’s ever had on the show. Their dance is simple. It’s dreamy. It was breezy. (Just because I called it breezy doesn’t negate the breezy…) There’s a bunch of spinning that is magical. In the end, they hug it out like they nailed the performance of a lifetime. Which they did…

Von and Witney
“A Little Less Conversation” by Elvis
Von doesn’t like to be at the bottom of the leader board. Neither does Witney. It makes her butt crack sweat. How do I know such an intimate detail about Witney? BECAUSE SHE SAID IT ON NATIONAL TELEVISION. Millennials. Since Von is a beast, Witney decides that their salsa is going to consist of him picking her up and throwing her around. She’s also going to use him as a jungle gym. Von is in full Elvis costume, including a cape. Witney is wearing a sluttier version of the same style with tall go-go boots. Von has a ball. Witney’s hair has its own choreography. Everyone was happy. Except the judges’ paddles.

Paige and Mark
“Proud Mary” by Tina Turner
Paige is worried that she was in the bottom last week because no one likes her. Mark thinks that’s ridiculous. He encourages her to have confidence. He puts her in red, sexes up her look a bit and choreographs a routine that even professional people would have a hard time dancing. She shimmied. She flicked. She kicked. Mark didn’t pull focus once, except for a triple beat pelvic thrust — BUT IT WORKED. It was a huge fireball of energy and Paige was almost flawless.

The Boys — Team James Brown
The group numbers are separated into boy stars and girl stars his year. Nyle looks nervous since he’s having to learn choreography in a crowd. Ramone should get a bonus this week. Have I told you how I love that guy? I hope he wins. Wanya is out of town, so Lindsey has to memorize his blocking. The boys all watch James Brown videos while the girls figure out how to choreograph for a deaf dude and an invisible one. In the end, they land on chaos. This dance had a million moving parts and costume changes. And it had a lot of crotch grabbing for some reason too. They all looked like they were having a fun by the time the James Brown medley ended. Or at least they pretended to be having a good time.

Women — Team Beyonce
Val and Mark took control immediately, reminding Keo and Sasha that they are babies in the world of DWTS. Val has a great idea to solo with partners who aren’t their own. Everyone loves this. As the women sit and watch the boys come up with ideas about “girl power,” someone asks, “What would Beyonce do?” Somehow this ended with a slower, cleaner dance. I thought the judges would appreciate their commitment to styles and precision. They did not.

With time running out, Erin and Tom quickly rattle off who is in the bottom for this two-star elimination night. Kim and Sasha are joined by Wanya and Lindsay (cue boo’s from the audience) as well as Von and Witney. Seconds pass before it’s announced that Wanya stays for another week.

Von is his cheerful self. I think he’s secretly glad he doesn’t have to stay and dance anymore, although I know he’ll miss the cast. Kim looks mad, but manages to thank everyone for their hard work.

What did you think? Was this week of dancing good or did it feel phoned in to you? Was Nyle off? Do you want Paige to win it all? Sound off in the comments section!

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May 3, 2016 3:58 pm

I love everything about this recap except your feelings on Keo. He and Jodie are my favorites. I love him – I’ve gotten to talk to him on Twitter and he is a doll, and he is so caring and dedicated to Jodie. I loved that dance. I would rather see them in the final than Ginger and Val (not dissing her talent at all, though). But hey, to each their own.

May 3, 2016 5:21 pm
Reply to  Lincee

Fair enough. But honestly, they are my favorites and I would love to see them in the finals, but I have a feeling the final 3 will be Wanya, Nyle, and Paige. They’ve been at the top from the start. Jodie might make it in to the final just from the Full(er) House love (as Candace did in her season, when she was farrrr from the best dancer, even moreso than Jodie), but I don’t predict her winning it.

CO Kathleen
CO Kathleen
May 3, 2016 4:04 pm

Yes, Nyles was off but it seems like he grew from the whole incident. Every season the producers love to show drama in rehearsal so why should he be exempt, right? I really like him and hope he’s in the finals. Kim and Von were the weakest two even though they are very lovable folks. Kim needed a little attitude adjustment! Paige is really impressing me – I hope she’s in the finals with Wayna and Nyles. Ginger does remind me of having a perpetual smile – too funny. Glad she had a good night and got a chance to feel the rewards of a hard week of practice.

May 3, 2016 4:17 pm

Keo does not seem to get the warm and fuzzy edit from the producers, and I can’t figure out if there’s a reason for that or if his personality just doesn’t translate well in short clips. It is odd, because I want to like him even though he currently comes off as a little self-absorbed. There is no doubt it was just fine with Von to be done, he made it far enough to not be humiliated, but didn’t seem too unhappy not to be continuing! Paige is KILLING it!! And it is miraculous that Mark has finally learned that it works better if he doesn’t try to pull focus. I really would be happy for her to win, as she would be beyond thrilled. I love Wanya too, but his prior experience translates a little easier than Paige’s background does! Nyle seemed to struggle a little and has leveled off, part of the perception may be because others are catching up and he no longer stands out quite as much. Kim may have been bummed, but it was right for her and Von to be the ones to leave.

May 4, 2016 11:18 am
Reply to  Lincee

We’re at the point now that it will be sad to see any of this group go!! Thanks for the fun blogs Lincee!!

May 3, 2016 9:30 pm

Hahaha, I love the random Friends quotes! “Just because I called it breezy, doesn’t negate the breezy…” I definitely feel the same way about Keo. I always thought we never got much of his personality because he was always gone the first episode or two….but now here he is and we still don’t know much about him? Love Jodi and Ginger (Val!), but I do think Paige should win it all!

May 3, 2016 10:23 pm

My main distraction last night was what the h was going on with Erin Andrews look last night?? She looked awful! Why the goth look? Very unflattering on her.

May 4, 2016 11:01 am
Reply to  Beth

Was it just me, or did Erin look like the Bride of Frankenstein? What on earth? I usually think her hair is so pretty and her dress choices are usually very flattering to her. That outfit and hair should have been on the Halloween show!

May 5, 2016 2:09 pm
Reply to  Beth

Like a blonde Mortisha Addams.

May 8, 2016 6:32 pm

Loved Paige’s dance–so far it’s my favorite of the season. Nyle had an ok dance, but I felt like he was holding back a little, like his spirit was dampened from last week’s controversy. I love Wanya, but it seems like his dances lately have been a little lack-luster. I just want to see more of his personality in his dances. I love Jodie, but don’t see her getting too much farther because of Keo’s meh-ness. I would love to like Keo more, but he’s just not showing too much of his personality. I think he’s just so nervous about “blowing it” that he can’t relax enough to show a more fun and lighter side (which I think he has–possibly). Antonio is my dark horse to win, I doubt he will, but I wouldn’t be sad if he did–there’s something to his charisma that draws me in. I don’t think Ginger will make it to the final three, but could see her going another week or so. I like her, but she doesn’t stand out the same way that Paige and Wanya do to me. Thanks for the recaps and I absolutely love reading your bachelor/ette recaps as well!

May 9, 2016 3:10 pm

Yes. My comments are late.

I don’t like Keo’s attitude. He said “if you nail that you’ll get 9’s for sure.” UM 9’s?! HOW ABOUT 10’s??? He seems to set the bar low and doesn’t appear to give 110% like the other pros. He’s been on the show for awhile and you’d think he would have gotten more air time but I’m attributing that to perhaps his personality is dull. Maybe.

Paige is driving me insane with her low self-esteem. It seems like she just wants to be praised. After she said “I wish everyone would realize I DONT DANCE FOR A LIVING! This is new for me!” I was so over her.

I’m cheering for Wanya to go all the way. Just cheering though. My voting spunk got lost after voting for Bindi as many times as I could on various devices last season.

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