7th Annual IHGB Halloween Costume Contest

Let’s hear it for the 6th Annual iHateGreenBeans Costume Contest!

This is one of my favorite things I do each year. I can’t get over how creative y’all are and I get so much joy seeing what you’ve cooked up each Halloween. I continue to be blown away by the costumes you submit and I expect this year to be no different.

Your mission is simple: Send me a photo of yourself, child, sibling, significant other, or pet in a Halloween costume and I will post the most creative ones here on the MONDAY, November 4. I think that gives you plenty of time to come down from your sugar high. Simply email me your favorite pics at lincee@ihategreenbeans.com or hit me up on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Finalists will be posted on Wednesday, November 6. Then the voting will begin!

I have fabulous prizes for the winner, an autographed copy of my book. You may even score a VHC copy of Hocus Pocus, and all the yucky Halloween candy I don’t like. Hooray!

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