IHGB Movie Review: Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2

Rated: PG-13

Starring: Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, and Bradley Cooper

The Trailer:

The Gist: The Guardians are back to save the galaxy. Again.

You can probably guess the first thing people ask when they hear I have seen Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2

“Was it as good as the first one?”

I’ll gladly tackle that question, but you should know that I thought the first Guardians movie was phenomenal. Clearly, my bar for the next installment was pretty high. I went into the film assuming that it probably would not exceed all the expectations I had mentally piled up for it.

I wisely predicted that I would have fun and laugh, which I most definitely did. What I didn’t anticipate was a snarky superhero movie with so much heart.

Was it as good as the first one? Well, it was a slightly different take that the first one. If you’re looking at the original Guardians head on, Volume 2 is slightly skewed to the left, meaning, the audience experiences a different take on a story and characters we already know. There’s more emotion. Layers are peeled. Back stories are shoved into the limelight.

Is the sarcasm still there? Yes. Does the soundtrack move the story along? Absolutely. Is it possible for a tiny baby twig to wiggle its way into your heart? You betcha.

The question still remains: Was it good as the first one?

It’s the tiniest smidge below the first one. And that’s mainly because there’s a brief stint when our main characters are separated. Also, it’s about fifteen minutes too long.

With that said, I can tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed it. Here’s why:

  • Chris Pratt is still all sorts of charming, strong, and sarcastic. In Volume 2, the guardian adds a thick layer of sensitivity to that list of character traits. It definitely works for him.
  • All of the funny lines were given to Dave Bautista who plays Drax. His inability to understand sarcasm and filtering makes him the comedic gem of the movie.
  • Baby Groot steals the show on more than one ocassion. “I am Groot” has never sounded so adorable than when he’s figuring out how to not blow up his friends during a big battle. He also owns the opening credits with a dance scene. It was the perfect way to launch the sequel.
  • Speaking of sequel, the movie felt like we were continuing along the journey we stared in 2014. All of the characters act and behave the same way, except they have a few more toys at their disposal.
  • There’s a cameo that made me audibly say, “Huh…” in the darkened movie theater.
  • I teared up three times. A single tear dropped once. See? EMOTIONAL.
  • The soundtrack does compliment the script, but like the softened edges of the storyline, the music mirrors this theme by lending itself a little more to the smooth side of 70s rock.
  • Rocket and Yondu make a good team.
  • There’s a new character named Mantis who bugs (no pun intended) at the beginning, but she grows on you as the movie progresses.
  • I laughed. A lot.
  • I am Groot.

Survey Says:

I think your senses would benefit from seeing Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 on the big screen. Make sure to stay until the very end, because there is not one, not two, but five special scenes peppered throughout the closing credits.

Photo By: Marvel.com
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May 11, 2017 11:09 am

I was already obsessed with Baby Groot… but after this one I am even more obsessed. Guess who’s family is having a baby groot themed tshirt day when we go to Disney next year. #sorrynotsorry

May 11, 2017 1:24 pm

It was fantastic! I, too, went in with guarded expectations because I love the first one so much, I didn’t want to be disappointed with Vol.2. I’m NOT a crier, but I teared up a couple of times, and had an actual tear drop towards the end (I won’t spoil the movie.)

I need a Baby Groot in my life. I want the opening credits as a screen saver of some kind, or to help get me out of bed in the morning.

The lady sitting next to me asked who “that old man (Stan Lee)” was, and “why are they showing him? So random!” And my eyes about rolled out of my head. WHO DOESNT KNOW WHO STAN LEE IS?!?

My love for Chris Pratt grew with this movie, and if I didn’t already have four kids with my husband, I’d want to have CP’s. *swoon*

I was so glad we were able to explore more of the secondary character’s stories as well though. I feel like we got a better sense of the whole gang. And I want to go watch it again.

Lorraine N
Lorraine N
May 11, 2017 3:12 pm

I loved this movie. Baby Groot owned the opening scene. The jokes were strong. I didn’t just shed a tear, I shed many tears.

May 16, 2017 5:56 pm

We saw the 2nd one first, then watched the first one a couple nights after. I will say that in that viewing sequence, the 2nd one was WAY better in our opinion!! We thought so much more would be explained in the 1st one and it wasn’t…the David Hasselhof stuff in the 2nd one was amazing! PS> Did you hear the Ben / Lauren news?! I was expecting a post!

Laura Jean
June 7, 2017 11:39 pm

It’s been nearly a month, but I just saw the movie tonight and if anyone hasn’t seen this on the big screen, the final five minutes make your ~$10 ticket worth it.

Emotional? YES. Not just one tear, but several with how the storyline went. But it’s good and appropriate. We get just glimpses of the storyline in many other marvel movies due to the massive collaborations (Avengers – Age of Ultron??), but the new plot is driven by the characters’ pasts, making their present all the more compelling to watch.

Guardians of the Galaxy, vol. 1, was a breath of fresh air when it came out a few years ago. In a different but very enjoyable way, vol. 2 is that same level of refreshment yet again.

And if that cameo you mentioned, Lincee, came not once, but twice, then I agree. It was a “huh” moment, but for what it was, it was actually well-acted!

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