IHGB Playlist: Album Obsession

I have a problem. And album obsession problem.

Some of you right now are thinking, “No duh, Lincee.”

That’s right. I’ve called you out. And I’m also bringing back “no duh.”

Here’s the deal: I’ve rotated the following five albums on Spotify for the last several weeks and I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon. And since I’m clearly obsessed, I thought you might enjoy being obsessed, too!

A Star Is Born Soundtrack
Listen to this. Listen to this right now. And then go read my recap on the movie. And then go see the movie. I’m asking you to trust me on this recommendation.

Lauren Daigle’s Look Up Child
If you like Adele and you like Jesus, you’ll love Lauren Daigle’s new album.

Taylor Swift’s Reputation
I know, I know. I dogged this album way back when on the podcast. I’ve since listened to it several times and although I don’t love, love, love the ENTIRE album, most of the songs are growing on me. To hear a list of the ones that I still find blah, feel free to listen to podcast #74. Otherwise, enjoy this playlist and make sure you have earmuffs for the younger listeners!

Christy Nockels’ Be Held
This is the sweetest album of lullabies, but there’s a bonus for me. It comes in an instrumental version, too. This album was on repeat for hours and hours while I wrote my second book. It’s great for little ones. And 40-mumble year olds.

The Greatest Showman Soundtrack
All day.

Now it’s your turn. Send me some options to add to this rotation, because the above albums aren’t going anywhere. But I am willing to add to the favorites list!

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October 15, 2018 2:28 pm

You did not say what era or decade it needs to be so I have to go back “old school” to one of my go-to albums that gets played repeatedly when I want easy, chill, fabulous music. May I invite you listen to Anita Baker, Rapture album?? Absolutely amazing.

Old Christine
Old Christine
October 15, 2018 9:32 pm

A number of years old, still to me the best album ever made. Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks. Mystical, yearning, almost other-worldly. Transporting.

October 16, 2018 11:50 am

Girl. You are my spirit animal. I just made a playlist for myself that includes the songs from the Star is Born and The Greatest Showman soundtracks. And that is all. Constantly. Since I just saw Justin Timberlake in concert last night, I am adding the Justified album into my rotation. His first solo album, and in my opinion still his best.

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