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More than a few of you have asked me what my beloved DVR will be recording this fall. I’m both flattered that you have sought out my opinion and a little concerned that some of you probably think all I do is sit around and watch television.

To that I say:
1. Thank you! I’m super excited about the lineup!
2. You are correct. I do watch a lot of television. And sometimes I can’t believe that covering television is legitimately my job. Thank you Entertainment Weekly!

This post will be a two-part series. This one will cover all NEW shows that I plan on watching this season. You should know that I have HORRIBLE instincts when it comes to predicting sitcoms and dramas that will withstand the test of time. I also have a tendency wave at the television bandwagon as it passes me by. I have embraced some of my favorite shows after arriving extremely late to the party. These include masterpieces such as Castle, Hart of Dixie, Big Bang Theory and my fake detective boyfriend Sherlock. (I will not waste your time waxing on about the wonder that is Benedict Cumberbatch. I’ll save that for another post. Amen?)

I should also warn you that, like my appetite, I have the television palate of a teenager. I enjoy a good romance, love to laugh, hate creepy things and prefer my entertainment to be as blood-free as possible. Clearly the last criteria is void if said entertainment involves supernatural beings such as hot vampires.

Here we go!

Red Band Society
Wednesday, September 17

Sick kids in a hospital will definitely result in a night of tears. That can’t be helped. You all know how I handle situations like this, but I think I should be safe since I’m in the comfort of my own home and have an endless supply of Kleenex. Additionally, I have two words for you: Dave Annable.

The Mysteries of Laura
Wednesday, September 17

I love, love, love Debra Messing. I always have. I even loved her and her weird scarves in Smash. (I stuck with that show to the bitter end people.) I like that she’s a hard core detective with little people running around in her life. Plus, I have two words for you: Josh Lucas.

Monday, September 22

I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right. This looks very dark and brooding and I’m more of a “let’s all laugh together” kind of person. I’m drawn to this because I love a good superhero story. I do wonder if I am not going to be invested in the storyline since Batman isn’t even Batman yet. But I have two words for you: Ryan Atwood Ben McKenzie.

Tuesday, September 30

When I first saw this trailer, I rolled my eyes wondering how ABC was going to pull off an entire series based on the phenomenon of social media. Then I saw the pilot. With the underlying theme of a modern-day My Fair Lady, it actually wasn’t horrible! I decided to give it a go and fully acknowledge that it will more than likely be cancelled in the near future. With that said, I have two words for you: John Cho.

Manhattan Love Story
Tuesday, September 30

I’m covering this show for Entertainment Weekly this fall. It combines several of my favorite things in life: romance, honesty, Lady Liberty and three words…

The Flash
Tuesday, October 7

You didn’t think I would forget the CW, did you? Aside from my aforementioned superhero affection, this just looks plain fun. And, of course, I have two words for you: Grant Gustin.

Marry Me
Tuesday, October 14

How will the writers develop an entire season of the two main characters proposing to each other? The answer is who cares? I’m willing to dedicate 30 minutes of my life to find out because of two words: Casey Wilson.

Let me know what new shows you’ll be watching this fall. Is there something wonderful I’m missing? It’s not too late to set my DVR you know.

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September 16, 2014 6:44 pm

They all look great. The kids in the hospital show looks the most promising to me. Can’t wait to read your posts!

September 16, 2014 7:22 pm

Lincee – I’ve been meaning to ask for a while – is this Entertainment Weekly gig your JOB now? As in, no more oil industry writing or whatever it was you did in your non-bachelor-and-other-pop-culture-filled hours of the day? If so – wow! And if not – still wow – because this is a heck of a lot of writing to do as a side gig!
So happy your wit and wisdom has found its way to a bigger readership!! (PS As I sit here the day after the first Monday since May with no bachelor franchise programming, I feel simultaneously cleansed and empty…)

September 16, 2014 7:42 pm

I literally just set Red Band Society and Gotham up on my DVR. Oh Fall how I love you!
Thanks Lincee!

September 16, 2014 8:59 pm

“The Bachelor Canada” premiers on the 18th. Picture the regular Bachelor with a lower budget, much taller host, and more dubbed over wildlife shots. If you can find a way to tune in, your Canadian readers would no doubt love to read some recaps! My guess is that your best bet is to check out citytv.com

September 16, 2014 10:49 pm

So I watch almost all of your highlighted ones with the exception of the new ones. We must watch tv together at some point this fall. 🙂

September 17, 2014 10:14 am

“I should also warn you that, like my appetite, I have the television palate of a teenager. I enjoy a good romance, love to laugh, hate creepy things and prefer my entertainment to be as blood-free as possible. Clearly the last criteria is void if said entertainment involves supernatural beings such as hot vampires.”

This paragraph is literally how I describe myself. Creepy. I want to steal this to use later when people ask what I watch. I could also apply this to my reading habits.

September 17, 2014 11:46 am

I’ll be watching Manhattan Love Story to check out ANTM alum Analeigh Tipton. I loved her on ANTM. But the show I’m most excited for is How to Get Away with Murder….Can’t wait!

Kimberly Dimmig
Kimberly Dimmig
September 17, 2014 1:01 pm

So excited you have branched out for more than just the Bachelor franchise. Love your humor and “take” on these shows. And you are relatable – I am a 43 year old, but have the TV/Movie preferences of my 13 year old daughter. 🙂 It’s nice we can watch many of these shows together. If you love New Girl, how about The Mindy Project? Probably my favorite comedy on tv right now.

September 19, 2014 8:23 am

Yes! I’d love to hear your take on Bachelor Canada. I think Heather sums it up nicely.

You can decide for yourself if Canadians’ are more polite when it comes to dishing up a one man-meal to plenty of fish.

September 23, 2014 2:57 pm

I tried Red Band Society. Couldn’t make it through one show. It seems boring an guy in a coma talking about people. Does it get any better?

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