Looking Back at Bachelor Nick

I’m not going to lie. I am excited about this season of The Bachelor. Truly. I actually want the dude to find love.

This isn’t Bachelor Nick’s first rodeo. His journey started when he was a wee babe at 33-years-old. Now, at a mature 36, I feel he’s ready. He charmed us during Andi’s season, caused quite the scandal in Katilyn’s suite, and redeemed himself on an island in paradise. Does he deserve this chance to choose among a sea of mermaid-loving women? Is the fourth time a charm?

I feel it only behooves us to revisit all three of Nick’s bachelor tours so we can prepare ourselves for next week’s season 21 launch. We shouldn’t draw conclusions or make assessments based on blurry memories and hesitant recollections.

BECAUSE I LOVE Y’ALL, I spent my afternoon scouring my own website for quintessential Nick moments from each episode. Have fun reminiscing. And get your skinny jeans ready, because we are days away from Bachelor Nick taking the mansion by storm!


Episode 1

  • Nick was forgettable until he wasn’t. He’s the second oldest of 10 kids and is modest, yet sincere. Andi said she felt that he was genuine. He’ll fall head over heels and then probably get his heart trampled because he can’t handle the pressure of 15 other guys dating his woman.
    Status: First impression rose

Episode 2

  • First Impression Rose Nick V. continues to impress by creating his own date card and one-on-one time with Andi, complete with champagne, strawberries, and “don’t settle for good when there’s great” speech. Sttttttaaaahhhhhhpppp. Andi wants the exact same thing.

Episode 3

  • Andi and Nick hike through rocks and ravines, making their way to a picnic spread on top of a plateau. Nick pounds the vino and Andi changes into a hoodie with a jean vest as the outer layer. Look alive people. Jean vests are back, although it’s unclear if the Guess logo makes you feel as cool as it once did in 1984.
  • Andi encourages Nick to be vulnerable and just say what he feels when he feels it because A) nobody’s getting any younger and B) this show isn’t very long. Nick admits that he has a crush and Andi swoons. They hike some more, displaying perfect dexterity as they maneuver twists, turns, crouches and rock slides, all while holding tight to their glasses of wine.
  • Andi gives him a purposeful stare and asks the question all singles girls want to ask available 30-something-year-old men: “So how is it that you are still single? Why hasn’t someone snatched you up by now?” Nick explains. Back in the day, he dated his high school sweetheart for seven years before breaking up with her and practically getting engaged to a rebound five seconds later. He realized he had made a mistake, has since checked his ego and is looking for someone who completes him. He thinks that having one soul mate is unromantic and prefers to stick it out with the person you choose, even though you know you could choose someone else at any moment.
  • That explanation is as convoluted as Dylan’s crunchy hair, but what I think we need to take away is that Nick is willing to give Andi the opportunity to deem herself worthy as the one he chooses. Whether he knows it or not, he has officially turned the tables to make Andi more worried about HIM CHOOSING HER than her choosing him.

Episode 4

  • Nick steals Andi away to sneak some boyfriend time. They hold hands, giggle and make out as they compliment each other for being so compatible. He admits to the camera that he’s falling for this girl, but the camera also catches a look of loathing and a touch of crazy eye in the possessive vein when she give the date rose to Coach. He may have problems sharing with others.

Episode 5

  • Cody is still irritated that Nick has no qualms about admitting that he thinks he is the front runner. Andi walks in at that exact moment and detects tension. She doesn’t want to participate in the house drama. So she recruits The Farmer to spill his guts. He and Cody tattle on Nick for being mean. Andi confronts the front runner and scolds him for not playing the game right.
  • She pulls the “if I was your wife” card with Nick and begins to doubt his intentions, but all melts away when he recites a poem he wrote for her. The snide facial expression turns into adoration and then she begs him to kiss her. This is what dreams are made of people. That original work will be in a book of poetry by the end of the season.

Episode 6

  • Andi says “like” every other word. It’s driving me crazy.
  • Andi: “Like, the story goes that like if you like kiss under not that bridge there, but that bridge over there, then you will like have eternal love or something.”
  • Nick salutes the major green light he’s been given. He takes a running start and begins making out at the first structure and is still hot and heavy by the time they get to the second eternal love bridge. The ABC Intern following along with the camera man in the adjacent gondola was instructed to slip Andi’s driver a few hundred bucks in exchange for not rolling his eyes on camera.
  • Andi is like a dog with a bone: “Do you, like think that you are like a front-runner?”
  • Nick takes a deep breath, looks her in the eye and delivers an honest answer: “I feel incredibly comforted by the connection we have. It’s hard to imagine anyone else having that connection. I can confidently say I’m definitely falling in love. We have a long way to go, but I definitely am. It’s very easy with you.”
  • Andi eats it up and gives him the rose.

Episode 7

  • Nick heads down to the lobby, lies to the lovely Belgian desk clerk, telling her that he not only forgot his room key, but he doesn’t remember what room he was staying in. She can totally look it up because it was booked under his wife’s name.
  • Nick knocks on Room 207 and a shocked Andi answers the door. You can tell she’s nervous that Nick is about to say he’s leaving, but she still invites him and his entourage of camera men into her room.
  • Nick asks if she wants to go for a walk. Andi quickly washes off the remnants of Marcus’ cologne and changes into something a little less short and tight. They hold hands through the city. Andi feels guilty that she is breaking the rules. That lasts a hot second before she pushes Nick against a tree and makes out with him.
  • Nick brags to the camera that he is definitely taking Andi home with him, but would love to land the date rose because it would confirm all he is feeling without her saying a word. That sound of literal outrage you heard last night was coming the group of women who had crammed into my apartment.
  • Josh coughs something to the group in code. Everyone remains silent. Coach cracks under the pressure and tells Nick that no one respects or trusts him. They bash him for several minutes, talking about his strategy and how he watched all the seasons prior to coming to the show. Is this about love? Or is this a game?
  • I’m not sure if Nick is deceiving everyone or not. What I do know is that he’s wisely watched the episodes before to understand strategy, because this is part game. I think the fact that he never gets in verbal arguments with anyone and keeps his cool is also extremely wise. But you can’t omit the fact that every dude there gets a weird vibe from him.

Episode 8 

  • Andi speaks to the youngest sister Bella. And by youngest, I’d guess that this little munchkin was about 10-years-old. Bella asks if she loves her brother? Andi chooses her words wisely and says that Nick makes her very happy and he is soooooo amazing. Nick arrives later to follow-up on Bella’s recon. She said that she didn’t remember Andi’s answer to her first question (me neither kid) and that when she asked Andi if she loved Nick, she said yes. Worst game of telephone ever.

Episode 9 

  • After snorkeling, Andi and Nick head to dinner. Nick was wearing red pants. Come on dude. Why would you even go there? Red pants are SACRED wardrobe territory. I give you Ames. (PS: My TV translated the pants as hot pink. They were red.)


  • Nick presents Andi with a story/book he wrote for her, complete with watercolor drawings of their fairytale. She LOVED every second of it. I fast forwarded every second of it. She rewards him with a kiss and then Nick pulls her away to a tree to tell her all the things that he loves about her, before wrapping up his epic monolog with a simple, “I love you.” She reciprocated by pressing him up against a palm tree.


  • Nick was nervous, but quickly won Andi’s parents over when he openly gushed about how much he’s in love with their daughter. The Mom cried when he said he has never felt this way before. And when Hy asked what he liked about Andi, Nick wisely answered, “She is very passionate about what she does, but doesn’t take herself too seriously. She knows what she wants but she goes with the flow. I know your daughter is for me and I’m going to marry her. It would mean a lot if I had your blessing.”
  • Hy gives him an enthusiastic, “Meh, okay.” They bro hug it out.

After the Rose

  • Harrison agrees to talk to Andi for Nick. She does NOT want to see him, so he writes her a letter that rambled on for 18 pages. FRONT AND BACK.
  • Is anyone else troubled by how many times I’ve used that joke this season?
  • Back at the studio, Nick has been invited to the hot seat. He’s wearing mourning clothes. He dissects his relationship with Andi for 15 minutes. Harrison finally brings Andi out to join Nick on the hot couch and she tries to encourage him by the age old, “It’s not you, it’s me.” and “You’ll find someone great one of these days.”
  • Andi is trying to control her emotions, but she suddenly blurts out that she never told Nick that she loved him.
  • Then he goes for the jugular and says, “I’m just not sure why (PREGNANT PAUSE) you made love that night.”
  • What happens in the fantasy suite doesn’t stay in the fantasy suite.
  • I didn’t hear what Andi said because my gasp was so incredibly loud that I was impressed with myself. I rewound. Andi told Nick that that statement was below the belt and she wished that some things had been kept private. I wonder who had the bigger reaction to that sentence: Josh or Hy?
  • I agree with her about Nick hitting below the belt. But I also agree with him that she completely sent mixed signals. Regardless, Nick will be seen in a negative light now. Welcome to the Bachelor Villain column Nick! I hope you and He Who Must Not Be Named are happy together.


Episode 5 — Nick’s Arrival

  • Kaitlyn spies Ashley I-Lashes in the roped off VIP area and runs over to give her a hug. After pulling away, she sees Nick and she begins to giggle like a school girl who got a sex education lesson from some random dudes on a reality show. Her reaction spoke volumes. They sneak off and Nick tells her that it bugged him to think of her getting engaged on the show. So he happened to hop a plane from wherever he was “working,” and happened to fly to New York City and just happened to score VIP tickets to his favorite rapper Doug E. Fresh’s open mic night. Everything’s coming up Kaitlyn, isn’t it?
  • Kaitlyn pretends that she is waffling in her decision to add Nick to the roster. She explains that they are social media friends, but have never met. She sits in the stairwell, wondering what Doug E. Fresh would do in this same situation?
  • She meets the guys on a cruise ship. Her head is swimming with Nick’s powerful pheromones. She can’t concentrate and neither can I, because Corey is wearing red Ames pants.
  • Kaitlyn leaves to secretly rendezvous with Nick right outside on the pier while Tanner and Metro Ryan fill the others in on how Nick is disrespectful. Kaitlyn doesn’t see it that way. She sees Nick’s tongue down her throat and decides to make him wait 12 hours before she tells him he can stay on the show. A lady never appears desperate.

Episode 6

  • The episode begins as Nick enters a New York hotel room. All of the current season’s guys are squished onto one couch on the right side of the room. Nick sprawls out, alone, on the big couch on the left side of the room. No one stands up. No one speaks. It’s so quiet, I can hear Peter’s voice going through the change.
  • Finally, Nick breaks the ice with an eloquent, “I’m not here to cause drama. I just dig this girl.” Everyone accepts this and they play a rousing game of beer pong. Or not.
  • Tanner wants to know about the story he read in the tabloids about how Nick and Andi were just together. Nick calmly tells the group that he and Andi were burying the hatchet. Is that what the kids are calling it these days? Tanner also wants to know if he’s just chasing fame? Nick reminds him that he has lived a normal life as a boring software salesman in Chicago. Joshua wants to know how long they have been talking? I want to know why Nick is wearing a Member’s Only jacket? Nick doesn’t address my question, but answers that he and Kaitlyn have interacted for a few months and that they’ve talked on the phone a couple of times.
  • Nick gives the guys permission to not care about why he’s there, but they must respect his decision to be there. Uhm, okay. Gosling doesn’t make eye contact and refuses to even call Nick by his name. He leaves in search of a rowing machine.
  • To spite everyone in the circle, Kaitlyn proudly gives Nick the date rose and challenges anyone to cross her. Cut to all the guys congratulating Nick, asking him to be their new best friend.

Episode 7

  • While all the other guys wave at Ian’s rejection SUV and hope that Kaitlyn is okay after yet another contestant chooses to kick himself off the island, Nick is the one who actually seeks her out to offer a comforting shoulder to pucker her lips against. Nick uses Kaitlyn’s buzz words, like “honesty” and “truthful” and “you’re hot” in all the right places. For a moment, I thought he was going to give her one of his many, many friendship bracelets, but he opted to first bite her finger (?) and then stick his tongue down her throat. Naturally, this is the exact moment when Gosling walks around the corner.
  • The public display of affection continues over at the local pub. Nick manages to grab Kaitlyn’s waist and butt with one hand, while holding her other hand. He whispers sweet nothings into her ear between kissing and shooting Irish whiskey. A few hours later, they stumble into a cathedral for dinner. Kaitlyn admits that she worries about Nick because she knows the others don’t like him. He tells her to forget about it and pours her another whiskey.
  • Moments later, Nick leans over, straining for an obstructed view of a statue of Mary so she won’t see or hear that he’s “feeling” for Kaitlyn right now. Kaitlyn plucks a rose from one of the flower arrangements from a wedding earlier that day and hastily pins it to Nick’s blazer. They stumble back outside of the church for a proper make out session up against the church archway. Once he effortlessly lifts her into a straddle position, traditionally earmarked for “jump and straddle” hometown greetings, Kaitlyn invites him to join her in her suite. Well played whiskey. Well played.
  • The scene conveniently toggles between Nick and Kaitlyn slowly sliding to a horizontal position on her couch, over to Jared and Gosling wishing and hoping that Nick and Kaitlyn’s date is a total disaster. At the exact time Jared yearns for Kaitlyn to have a bad time on her date, Nick is in the process of digging for her pot of gold.
  • Kaitlyn takes Nick into her bedroom where cameras are CLEARLY not allowed. We may not be able to see anything, but we can certainly hear everything. I didn’t need the throwaway b-roll shots of random birds and bees to assume what went on in Kaitlyn’s suite last night. She needs a modified version of the “Kiss Me I’m Irish” whimsical button.
  • Kaitlyn naturally feels concerned the next morning. She’s worried that Nick is going to “Kiss Me I’m Irish” and tell. She pulls an anxious Mesnick against the balcony, fearful of what Nick might say to the others.
  • Next up is Nick. Kaitlyn is stone-faced. She basically asks him if he has been “respectful” when it comes to their date in Dublin. That’s code for “have you kept my secret?” Nick immediately responds that he has said nothing about the coitus. Kaitlyn thanks him, offering that if anyone found out, it could ruin relationships with other guys.
  • Nick begins to hyperventilate, remembering how overconfident he was with What’s Her Name from his season. He turns on the waterworks. And he turns them on big time. This softens Kaitlyn’s stern exterior. She makes out with him because she was drawn to his emotional side. I wonder how hard Nick had to bite the inside of his cheek to produce that many tears?

Episode 8

  • Kaitlyn and Nick settle in on the bed. The camera zooms in where Kaitlyn’s butt cheeks are basically hanging out of her her short mini dress. Nick gets up to close the door, and the next time we see the lovely couple, they are sharing a plate of bacon the morning after.
  • Cut to Gosling pacing back and forth later that day. He finally calls the front desk, asking for Nick’s room. The producers instruct Nick to pretend to watch TV for a moment while Gosling makes his way over. They exchange pleasantries when Gosling barges through the door. Fifteen seconds later, Gosling verbally attacks Nick. He thinks Nick is cocky, arrogant, manipulative and not there for the right reasons (right reasons.) Nick tries to defend himself, but Gosling remains steady. Just as I start chanting, “FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT!” the camera fades to black and the annoying “to be continued” pops up onto the screen.

Episode 9

  • Nick is first at bat, and he wastes no time telling Kaitlyn that she is the wind beneath his wings. He admits that with Andi, it felt like a leap of faith, but this time, he feels that what they have is real. I uses the phrase “I love you,” omitting the “falling” part. They share a Mountain Dew and compare statement jewelry before meeting the fam.
  • Back in the hotel, Nick’s loved ones reminisce about this time last year when he landed in second place of an awful reality show. The sister looks ticked. And when the mom starts crying, the little sister Bella starts crying. This show is evil.
  • Nick arrives looking like he sprained his liver the night before. It’s the only explanation for his wardrobe choice. The v-neck and skinny jeans were obviously invited to the ensemble, but the dingy, untucked, denim shirt was a huge question mark for me. That coupled with the wayward hair and “I’m too lazy to either trim it or shave it” beard was not the look I would go for when trying to impress Joan and the rest of the in-laws.
  • He leads Kaitlyn to the bedroom and I yell, “TURN OFF YOUR MICROPHONES THIS TIME.” Instead of hanky panky, he hands her a double frame with a picture on one side and a hand-written poem on the other. She pretends to love it while secretly thinking that a snapshot of Gosling in his long underwear would look great on the left side.
  • Nick pours out his feelings, confident that Kaitlyn is going to accept his ring due to the fact that he put his wand in her chamber of secrets. This goes on for 47 minutes. Or four to seven minutes. Same difference. He pulls out the ring and she finally stops him. She wants him to know that she does love him—but she loves someone else more. No offense?
  • Wrong. Offense taken. A lot of offense taken in fact. Nick is the first person to ever argue with the rejectee on the proposal pedestal brought to you by Home Depot. If she truly loved him, they wouldn’t be having this conversation right now.
  • Kaitlyn walks Nick to the car where they have another conversation about feelings and difficult decisions. He gives her a halfhearted hug and scrambles into the rejection limo. He dramatically takes out the engagement ring and tosses it to the producers sitting across from him. Then he does the same with the promise ring he purchased in Ireland. Those two items will be up for bid at Mike Fleiss’ next celebrity Bachelor auction, benefiting those associated with the franchise whose 15 minutes of fame have recently expired.


Episode 1

  • Harrison summons everyone into the living room tree house. He calls Chad out for being a jack wagon the night before. Sarah presents her defense and Chad shuts her down with the inevitable, “I was attacked. What did you expect me to do?” Nick jumps in to offer a little advice: Threatening to murder people in their sleep isn’t funny.

Episode 2

  • Leah drops the first bomb of the season by asking Nick out on a date. Nick seems ambivalent but he escorts Leah to the Festival de Margaritas anyway. They drink, shop, eat grasshoppers and bask in each other’s wonder. Leah tells the camera that she could do laundry on Nick’s abs (#truth) and compares him to a sexy lumberjack. Interesting. I had no idea Paul Bunyan wore skinny jeans and loafers with his buffalo check flannel.
  • When they return, Mike Fleiss mixes it up by immediately delivering a date card to NICK. There are no rules in Paradise. The date starts now. Nick plays it cool. He makes an impromptu speech about how this experience is all about getting to know different people. He smiles, turns his head and asks Amanda out on the date. She agrees. He heads to the tree house to wash the Leah off before heading back on the town. Nick takes a blunt approach.
    Nick: I had a great time with Amanda.
    Leah: But what about my boob chain?
    Nick: It’s nice. But I’m choosing Amanda.
    Leah: I think my bright lipstick would look good smudged on your neck.
    Nick: I’m sure it would. I’m giving my rose to Amanda.
    Leah: So, I’ll see you out there?
  • The next morning, Josh, the “winner” from Andi’s season, arrives with the smug confidence of someone who is happy their 15 minutes of fame has been extended to the length of an indie film. He’s slimmed up since we last saw him wooing Andi and he has a date card in his hands.
  • Nick is immediately on edge. As you may recall, Nick was a runner-up to Josh. Although he claims they have nothing in common, Andi and her tell-all book would beg to differ. Nick is hoping history doesn’t repeat itself, but when Mike Fleiss is in the mix, you can bet it most certainly will. Josh asks Amanda out on a date and she says yes.

Episode 3

  • Watching your arch nemesis swoop in with his megawatt smile and bronzed pectorals can be complicated too. Especially when he is frenching your girl all the livelong day. Just ask poor Nick. “It’s like we never went out. I’m surprised how they chose to approach announcing their relationship. Josh has been enjoying a steady diet of Amanda’s tongue.”

Episode 4

  • While E.D. tries to psychoanalyze Josh, Nick reintroduces himself to Amanda. He’s dressed as an extra from The Book of Mormon. He plays E.D.’s game, encouraging his lover of four-days ago to ask tough questions of Josh. He hopes what Andi says was a lie because it’s really nasty stuff.

Episode 5

  • Meanwhile, Nick and Jen get comfortable on the beach. Nick tries to turn on the charm, but Jen is super distracted by an army of crabs that insist on pulling focus. Nick tries to From Here To Eternity Jen, but it’s hard to concentrate when a billion crustaceous animals are threatening to take over. Sebastian was a little aggressive when he recruited his extended family to join in on this particular rendition of “Kiss the Girl.”
  • Nick is with Ashley and takes a different approach — brutal honesty.
    Nick: Why didn’t you mentally prepare yourself for this?
    Ash: I didn’t think he was going to like someone!
    Nick: Aren’t you hopeful that Jared will meet someone?
    Lincee: Bless you, Nick.
    Nick: This isn’t love. It’s infatuation. It’s an obsession.
    Ash: You can’t tell me that!
    Nick: I am certain. You are NOT going to be with him. You will NEVER be with Jared.
    Then the world stood still for a solid 30 seconds. Even the crabs chilled out on the beach so Ashley could absorb this reality.

Episode 6

  • Caila wonders out loud to the camera, “I know she says she’s no longer in love, but that was three hours ago.” Indeed, Caila. Nick follows with a noble piece of advice directly from his mouth to Ashley’s non-listening ears: “Be your best self the rest of the time you’re here, okay?”

Episode 7

  • Nick and Jen’s interview goes well, until Tanner jokes to Nick, “Third time’s a charm!” Nick threatens to punch Tanner in the nuts. I’d say that comment probably won’t score him a date card, therefore ruining his chance to have a nationally televised wedding like the couple sitting across from him in the grotto.

Episode 8

  • Down below, Nick and Jen/Jennifer have decided that they want to take their romance to the next level. Literally. Upstairs is a big bed, which I assume doesn’t have any cameras around, or other pesky roommates. Amanda willingly gives Nick and Jen/Jennifer her blessing to “have fun” up there, so it’s completely jarring when Josh forbids the couple to even open the door to the stairs which lead to the pseudo fantasy suite.
  • Nick refrains from saying anything, but the vein in his head does threaten to pop. Jen/Jennifer takes over and explains to Josh that Amanda said they could stay up there. Josh shuts it down again, claiming that they have dibs. Plus, he already put a fan up there, but thanks.
  • What we do know is that the Twins are really concerned about Josh and Amanda. They heard that he was ticked that she didn’t sleep with him the night before and are concerned that their bestie might be getting tangled up with someone who has a major temper. They ask Nick what he thinks? He tries to be neutral, but eventually uses the terms “red flags” and “aggressive.” He also brings up Andi’s book — again. He casually mentions that her portrayal of Josh was terrible. And it’s a little weird that he suddenly shows up in Paradise and hooks up with the sweetest, nicest, most adorable woman on the island. Could it be a PR move? The Twins stare at each other. Are Josh’s intentions pure? Let’s be honest. Nothing is pure in Paradise. Besides Our Host Chris Harrison’s eyes, of course.
  • Josh invites all of the islanders to join him on the beach, even though it would have been easier for the one man to walk up the steps to the group of 20 people. He wants to know exactly who accused him of being fake? He shouts things about “being a man” and “behind my back” and “dog battling cancer” and even uses the word disingenuous. Word of the day toilet paper perhaps?
  • Nick steps up because he’s in his mid-30s. He admits that he’s concerned about Josh’s intentions. Nick says, once again, that the stuff in Andi’s book about him was true. Why wouldn’t the stuff about Josh be true as well? If it wasn’t, why didn’t he do something about it?
  • Nick later tells the camera that he could tell Josh was trying to remain calm. And that rant was the best he could do. He was a little intense, which is code for A LOT INTENSE. Here’s hoping Nick doesn’t get murdered in his sleep, because I would love to see him as the next bachelor!
  • Wells leaves with Jami. Hours later, Ashley emerges from her cocoon. Jared takes to drinking after Jorge tells him the horrible news. Carly and E.D. take shelter. Nick, Bachelor in Paradise’s very own Resident Advisor, waves Ashley over when she hits the beach. He gently tells her in quiet, small words, that Wells and Jami have gone on a date. He braces for her reaction. Ash is fine, fine, fine. She’s got one hand in her pocket and the other one is giving a high five. She’s not worried at all. Nick stares back in amazement. That’s great! Look at this growth!

Episode 9

  • Let me begin by saying that I approve of ABC’s decision to have Nick Viall as the next bachelor for season 21. My reasons are threefold:
  1. He’s funny as well as level-headed. We saw this multiple times during this season’s Bachelor in Paradise with Ashley I-Lashes and the Twins. I can see him taking on the same counseling role in the mansion, attempting to walk the dramatic/crazy contestants through their erratic behavior in a more mature manner before gently escorting out the front door. Wisdom comes with age. PS: This isn’t Nick’s first rodeo.
  2. Fans either love him or hate him. For those of us who watched BIP, he certainly did a great job redeeming his image. I actually found myself rooting for the guy at times! I definitely like him better than Josh. This announcement created tons of chatter last night on social media. I don’t think a Luke or a Chase reveal would have been as topsy-turvy. At the end of the day, Fleiss would rather rock the boat than go with the safe choice of a brooding cowboy. For the record, I would have been happy with any of those three suitors.
  3. I think it’s important to point out that casts from previous seasons appear to adore Nick. I’m the dork who follows most of these yahoos on social media and a ton of them think he is a kind, sweet, funny person. It wouldn’t surprise me if we see a handful of alumni on his season, vying for his attention. I imagine one lucky lady will get a phone call from the ABC Intern, inviting her to come out to see this comedian who just so happens to be performing for cast members of the new season — just like the call Nick received during Kaitlyn’s season.
  • My point? In the words of the talented ensemble of High School Musical, “We’re all in this together!” Let’s dance it out and embrace Nick’s journey just like we did 20 times before!

Episode 10

  • Being a wise 35-year-old man, Nick understands Jen is probably freaking out about their relationship. She admits her concern about him holding back. He reminds her this isn’t his first rodeo. The last time he fell in love in an environment like this, he was burned — twice. Nick wants Jen to know he sees a future with her and his walls are coming down. He’s all in. Well, he’s all in until season 21 of The Bachelor starts filming.

What do you think about this season? Are you excited for Bachelor Nick? Are you for him or against him? Who’s tuning in on Monday? Let’s talk it out in the comments section!


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Susan M
Susan M
December 27, 2016 4:24 pm

Can’t wait!! My daughter and I have already planned the dinner 🙂

December 27, 2016 4:27 pm

I’m tuning in and I’m excited!

December 27, 2016 6:24 pm

Is that really Nick in the red (pink) pants? It looks nothing like him!!

December 28, 2016 12:06 pm
Reply to  Bethany

No, it’s Ames 🙂

December 27, 2016 9:04 pm


December 28, 2016 9:57 pm

Can’t wait for the show and the recaps!

December 29, 2016 10:01 am

I’m so ready! I am forgoing spoilers and created a Fantasy group!!!

December 29, 2016 5:46 pm

SO PUMPED! hoping this will be a fun and dramatic season and nick actually finds someone who sticks. thanks for putting this bonus post together–i am pretty much just as excited that your bach posts start again soon as i am for the season to start! tuesday mornings will once again be delightful 🙂

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