IHGB Podcast #100: Celebrating 100 Episodes

Well here we are. One hundred episodes of the IHGB podcast. A lot of hard work got me here, along with all the TV recapping and movie watching, but I couldn’t have done it without the following:

Thank you Bachelor for several wack-a-do seasons.

A big shout out to Taylor Swift’s Reputation for helping me not judge a book by its album cover.

The girls from the movie Shag. Who knew when I said no one had ever seen this movie that it would cause such a revolt among listeners

I salute you, Hollywood, for continuing to make movies I can watch, even though none of them are true romances.

And finally, to Our Host Chris Harrison. None of this would be possible if I hadn’t been flipping the TV channels that fateful day – the day I got lost in your eyes. And felt my spirits rise and soar like the wind. Is it love that I am in?

Only time will tell. Here’s to another one hundred.


Lara and I talk about things that are “Hundo P” in our lives, or one hundred percent. Did we make up this term?

No. We stole it from youths. WE ARE SO HIP! (PS: I’ve been told hip is not Hundo P.)

Lara’s Hundo P Picks:

Thomas Rhett’s new album

A Million Little Things

Honey Bourbon

It’s a Love Story (shameless plug)

Reese’s Pieces Eggs


Lincee’s Picks:

Michael Bublé

The Resident

Bamboo Sheets

Computer Glasses

Disney’s Coast-To-Coast Challenge (minus the running part)


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Enjoy the show!

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