IHGB Podcast #143: The Holiday

It’s my first holiday segment of our It’s a Love Story series and I’ll let you in on a little secret: Lara and I have been waiting to talk about this movie for YEARS. Way back in episode #4, we talked about our favorite big screen love stories and Lara wanted to feature The Holiday. I asked her to wait until December. Then not one but TWO Decembers rolled by and I forgot both times. 

So here we are, giddy over the fact that we get to swoon over Jude Law and Jack Black.

That’s right, I said Jack Black. Lara has a crush. Which is understandable and also lucky for me because that means I can have Mr. Napkin Head all to myself. 

The Holiday taught us that Santa Ana winds are magical and that we should befriend old spry Jewish men if at all possible. Additionally, when a drunken man bangs on the door of your holiday home exchange cottage, you should answer it. Don’t be afraid of the handsome, bespeckled man on the other side. 

He’s a major weeper. 

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