IHGB #196: Bachelor Matt — Whatta Man

Happy New Year everyone!

Well, it’s a new dawn. It’s a new day. It’s a new life for Matt James. And he’s feeling good. Want to know why?

Because his journey to find love doesn’t involve a hotel that might as well be located on the surface of the sun. 

ABC learned its lesson and has moved the show to a luxury resort in Pennsylvania. Instead of having free rein of a prop closet full of craft supplies, this place has actual date-like things to do and outdoor experiences. We won’t see Matt James sweating through three layers of a charcoal grey wool/polyester blend suit, but we will see him shirtless at least once per week.

Some Guy in Austin and I answer all the questions you asked yourself during the episode. 

  • Do you think the girl who brought a bowl of noodles and the girl who brought a meatball used a coupon at Olive Garden?
  • Is Chelsea the same height as our Bachelor?
  • Are you more attractive when you can drive a stick shift?
  • And how much hand sanitizer would it take if someone tapped you on the shoulder with a CENSOR?

The correct answer is: Not enough.


Here’s Matt James premiere episode recap!

And here’s the link to our official Bachelorette Bracket we are playing with my favorite sports podcast, Last Night’s Game. I can’t wait!!!


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Evangeline East
Evangeline East
January 8, 2021 11:34 am

woo hoo!! great podcast!!
I love love love moments with moma!! Love to see you back moma Ray!
I just love Matt James too, he is so genuine!
Pavelka, Perfect Name for that what shall not be named!
Just happy to hear you and some guy again.

Jennifer A Davis
Jennifer A Davis
January 11, 2021 3:33 pm

Haven’t finished listening to the episode yet, but I’m from Pennsylvania and the name of the resort is pronounced NEM-maw-coal-inn. Love the blog!

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