IHGB #213 — It’s a Love Story: The Wedding Planner with Mama

Hey everyone!

To honor Mother’s Day, I asked Mama to come on the show and visit one of her favorite movies for my love story series, which celebrates my book, It’s a Love Story. I still can’t believe it is two years old! 

If you recall, the last time Mama was a part of this series, she chose Pretty Woman, and because of the subject matter concerning Vivian’s line of work, I had to bleep out every time she said the word that rhymes with looker or booker. 

Naturally, Mama did it again when we discussed The Wedding Planner. Be prepared for a rather large tangent concerning my mother’s former career as a computer teacher and the eighth-grade boys who liked to steal her mouse balls.

Like those eighth grade boys, I laugh a lot as she tells the story that has nothing to do with weddings or planning.  


HERE is a link to The Wedding Planner movie trailer.


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