IHGB #246 Bachelorette Michelle Men Tell All

To keep with the tradition of past Men Tell All recaps, I will boil down one hundred and twenty minutes of footage into a handful of points that shed light on the important pieces of information we gathered after watching and fast-forwarding through the show. 

Some Guy in Austin and I also talk about his epic birthday present. I can’t wait for you to hear what I got him. 

No, it’s not Emily Maynard. But it’s close.


Here’s the recap for the Men Tell All!

And here’s the LINK to Clayton’s promo.

Click HERE to be sucked in by the stats on Bachelor Data!


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December 10, 2021 2:09 pm

Lincee, I listened to the podcast this morning and heard what you gave Some Guy for his birthday. I looked up Cameo on line and I think your idea (which you generously attributed to a fan named Maureen) was brilliant. If Jake hadn’t been available, however, Barb Weber (Peter’s mom) is also on Cameo and would have rattled Some Guy for sure! Keep your podcasts coming. I actually LOVE commuting on the days when you release your podcast.

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