IHGB #261 — It’s a Love Story: My Best Friend’s Wedding with Mama

This month, we are doing things a little differently with a love series (sponsored by my book: It’s a Love Story” soon to celebrate three years of existence next week – THAT IS CRAZY.

In this episode, I discuss My Best Friend’s Wedding with Mama. 

Did you know that My Best Friend’s Wedding celebrates its 25th anniversary this summer? Can you believe it’s been that long since we felt horrible for sort of rooting for Jules wants to steal Michael back? (Sorry, Kimmy!) 

My Best Friend’s Wedding taught us, “If you love someone, you say it, right then, out loud.” We learned that you could be chartreuse with envy. The best place to have an intervention is in an elevator. Diabolical plans to screw up a wedding rarely work. And, “YOU’RE NEVER GONNA BE JELL-0.”

But most importantly, Mama tells us that sucking an engagement ring off a finger is attractive. I’ve never personally experienced this phenomenon, and I didn’t ask my mother how she knew because I was too busy hiding behind a couch cushion. 


Want to watch the restaurant scene? Click HERE!

Interested in the helium balloon scene?? Click HERE!


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