IHGB #262 — Greatest Hits Albums Volume 2 with Some Guy in Austin

Y’all, I went back and forth if I should confess this or not, and I decided that the Internet is forever, and this information is totally Google-able.

I thought this was the first time I have ever discussed greatest hits albums on my podcast. Something felt very déjà vu about the afternoon I recorded with Some Guy in Austin. But I kept blowing off the feeling that I had done this before. I assured myself that it was a blog post I had written a decade ago, when in fact, it was an early podcast episode in 2018.

So I added “Volume 2” to the title and called it a day.

This episode goes out to those of you who remember one hundred percent of the time that you have a bad memory. You’re my people.


Madonna: The Immaculate Collection

Tom Petty: Greatest Hits

Brooks & Dunn: The Greatest Hits Collection

Duran Duran: Decade

Mitch Gaylord and American Anthem

Chicago: Greatest Hits — 1982-1989

Frank Sinatra: Greatest Hits

Whitney Houston: The Greatest Hits

Whitney sings at the Super Bowl

The Go-Go’s: Greatest


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