IHGB #269: Bachelorette Gabby and Rachel Episode 1

I can confidently presume that no one on the show, including Uncle Jesse and our lovely leading ladies, has any idea what’s happening in this season of The Bachelorette. It’s clear by the lack of detail, the confused facial expressions, and the glaring omission of rose ceremony roses that the entire production team threw all caution to the wind, confiscated a cruise ship, and decided right then and there to let the chips fall where they may. 

In other words, there are no rules because the rulebook doesn’t exist. Luckily, Some Guy in Austin and I break down all the details, determined to figure out what exactly is going on in the mansion. For example:

  • Is there a supply chain problem with roses?
  • Are there any adults on set to wrangle the cast members?
  • Did the baby chicks make it out alive?
  • Did I hear a rooster crow moments before three dudes were escorted out of the building?
  • Will Rachel and Gabby hold hands the entire journey?

My guess is yes. And don’t you dare try to stop them.


Here’s the recap for episode 1.

HERE is a link to the Google Doc with the dude’s Instagram feeds.

And here’s the link to our official Bachelorette Bracket we are playing with my favorite sports podcast, Last Night’s Game. I can’t wait!!!

Click HERE to be sucked in by the stats on Bachelor Data!


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July 17, 2022 10:31 am

Great podcast! I am watching this season for the chaos. Has the franchise given up on any sense of structure?

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