IHGB #291: Bachelor Zach Podcast – Episode 7

Hello everyone,

I want you to get excited because Some Guy in Austin and I are really digging into episode seven of The Bachelor so you can properly prepare for next week’s hometown dates. In this episode, we tackle very important questions, such as:

  • Is Budapest the perfect place to fall in love? Or is it the perfect place to dash dreams by allowing a mentalist to interfere in the love lives of our cast?
  • Who put the FUN in funicular?
  • Public bath houses: Incredible? Or incredibly gross?
  • Did Kat shoot herself in the foot in this episode? Or is she still reeling from her decision to steal Zach away during Charity’s one-on-one? 

And finally, should Jesse Palmer go ahead and adopt Zach into his family now? Or wait and announce that on After the Final Rose? 

Zach Palmer has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?


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March 11, 2023 5:50 pm

I agree: BRACE YOURSELVES for the weep fest(s) that will surely be coming when Zach has to say goodbye to any of these remaining women!  Eek. He seems to have a really sweet heart.

Carolina Girl
Carolina Girl
March 12, 2023 8:28 am

“Cancelled Czech”…. Too funny! Thanks for the laughs! Y’all are the best… and the only reason I still watch this silly show!

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