Happy Birthday Ryan


In honor of Ryan Gosling’s birthday, I decided to compile all the links where I’ve mentioned him over the years here on IHGB. The realization that this post (even if forwarded hundreds of times eventually landing in his inbox) will probably not cause him to go ahead and start falling in love with me is a little bittersweet. I think it’s important you understand that I am happy for him, Eva and the new baby. I also think it’s important to note that I’m still holding out hope for Noah Calhoun. You can’t extinguish that flame my friends. It’s been burning strong for 10 years!

HERE is a post from 2011 in which I scoff at the fine folks over at People Magazine for not naming Ryan “Sexiest Man Alive.”

HERE is where I threaten to start a letter writing campaign because THEY STILL DIDN’T GET IT RIGHT THE NEXT YEAR.

THIS is Hotter than Crap Ryan’s induction into my Hall of Fame.

CLICK HERE to see my open Letter to Emma Stone, in which I ask for specific details from the infamous Dirty Dancing lift in Crazy, Stupid Love.

THIS is when I confessed that I purchased a song from iTunes because of Ryan Gosling. I think of him every time I hear it. Sigh.

THIS is a recent mention of Ryan in Slink’s Links.

THIS is a story about how Ryan plays the role of my imaginary boyfriend every year at Christmas.

HERE is where I praise my friend for knowing me so well.

HERE is one of my favorite Christmas wishes from 2013.

HERE is a post that to this day is one of my most read entries. Some Guy in Austin and I analyze Ryan Gosling’s work in The Notebook. And it gets intense!

Happy Birthday Ryan!

Call me Noah. Wherever you are…

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