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The second week of the month is always a busy one for me. This particular week seemed twice as hectic! Thanks for hanging in there. While I’m off answering the 147 (unbelievable!) comments on The Bachelorette recap, you wait here and click on some fun links so you’ll have something to read while you’re laying out by the pool. Or refereeing your kids out by the pool. Enjoy!

My friend Emily sent me this link of my beloved Newsies boys dancing to “Uptown Funk.” I’ve watched it 27 times. Thank you Emily.

I’m about to upgrade to an iPhone 6. I’m pretty pumped. I hear the camera feature is really good on this one, so I’ve been reading up on how to better utilize the features. If only I had this phone when I was at the Justin Timberlake concert. Do you think the zoom works from the upper level deck of the stadium?

Speaking of Apple products, this IKEA commercial is hilarious!

Most of you are probably morning the passing of Amanda Peterson. Can’t Buy Me Love was a staple movie at my house. Cindy Mancini was the cool girl who taught me about suede, that journaling is not as dorky as I thought and that I could one day attract the attention of the popular boy by being myself. (To no one’s surprise, I identified with the Patrick Dempsey character.)

I wrote an article proving that America’s KIDS definitely have talent!

I also debated with fellow writers that 16 Candles is the best Brat Pack movie. Hello! JAKE RYAN. There’s really no contest, but if you feel like voting, you can click HERE.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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