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It. Is. Hot. My doctor told me that I need to take a walk outside in the afternoon because I have a vitamin deficiency. I smiled, thanked her and then weighed the pros and cons: lack of energy vs. heat stroke. Since the heat smacks me in the face when I walk out of the door and I experience droplets of sweat dripping down my back with a simple walk to the car, I decided to visit Whole Foods and to purchase a bottle of liquid vitamin D. I chase it with a cherry popsicle.

You’re welcome for that random intro. Here are some fun non-weather related links for your Friday afternoon. Enjoy!

I have never watched the Kardashian show. With that said, I stopped when I saw that the one named Khloe has an entire closet for her exercise equipment and workout clothes. Is this normal for this family?

I’ve seen a few people who need to read this PSA about the difference between a shirt and a dress.

Jenifer Aniston is married. What will the tabloids do?

I wrote a piece for Entertainment Weekly on the times I crushed on Nick Miller during New Girl. I’m not alone here, am I?

When researching the EW story, I came across this AMAZING Funny or Die video featuring Jake Johnson. I heart him soooo much.

I’m still covering America’s Got Talent too. It’s the never-ending talent show. This was the last round of judge cuts. Never fear: the professional regurgitator made it through. Vomit.

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August 7, 2015 6:19 pm

Love the Nick Miller list. I also love when he buys school supplies for Jess’s coworkers and then sits in the parking lot Sixteen Candles style.

Sea Jay
Sea Jay
August 14, 2015 11:08 am

Did you ever see Rachel Dratch’s videos on funny or die called “The Dratchelor”? They were hilarious

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