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I’m at the beach and I’m about to try paddle boarding for the first time ever, because YOLO and stuff. Wish me luck and enjoy these links!

Here’s a free personality test. I’d like to see if you think it’s accurate. I feel my result was COMPLETELY WRONG. Or else I’m a terrible, terrible person.

And here’s a link to updated artwork for famous movie posters. Can you say eclectic? The Jaws one is particularly interesting.

BuzzFeed asks if I can guess the Channing Tatum movies from one screen shot, to which I reply, “I can do this blind folded, people. Give me a challenge.”

You know how I love The CW. Imagine if these books were made into teeny-bopper shows!

In case anyone is wondering, Howard, Howie, Heidi and Mel B. are still searching for talent in America. The need is so dire that we have to do it TWO nights in one week now! Read my recaps HERE and HERE!

Happy weekend everyone!


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