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Who is ready for the weekend?! Several of you just raised your hands because that means school is starting and you are DESPERATE for a little bit of structure in your day. Am I right? Well here are a few links that will help you get the next 48-hours started with a BANG as you pack little lunches and search Pinterest for the perfect “First Day of ????” picture to recreate. GOOD LUCK!

This kid is a baller. Shot caller.

I have no idea what this website says because it’s in a different language, but I LOVE the transformation of the freckled girl!

Speaking of girls, did you know that teenage girls back in the day were the ones who decided that we didn’t need to say “doth” anymore? They’ve been setting one-liner trends F-O-R-E-V-E-R!

Did you ever wonder how the “Brat Pack” got its name? Wonder no more…

Still feeling nostalgic for the good old ’80s? Read this piece I wrote on John Hughes’ movie music for Entertainment Weekly. Jake Ryan makes an appearance. Hubba hubba.


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Lynda Llamas
Lynda Llamas
August 24, 2015 10:38 pm

Positivity, every night I find my vocabulary enriched, ie
conversate and the one last night??? I need better comprehension.
Love you and your recaps wish I had more time to respond xoxo

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