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I’m not sure if Undateable is going to make it to NBC’s fall schedule, but I am having a ball recapping the show! This week I watched back-to-back episodes, so once again, you have not one but two recaps to hopefully enjoy! Click, click, click HERE for the first one and HERE for the second!

This has been burning up the World Wide Web. Some say it’s fake. I say it’s hot.

I find this story on tattoos pretty cool. I just wish they had shown a woman who inked a ring of flowers around her belly button back in the day. I would LOVE to see what that looks like now!

I’m a sucker for an animal rescue. But when the animal can’t contain its thanksgiving after being set free? I’m a puddle of happy tears!

After this post, I think we all know how we all feel about Friends. Someone call me so we can recreate the opener like these kids did. Pop culture raised them well. We should all be proud.

When I was in fourth grade, I won the Citizen Bee award and was called up to the podium in front of the entire school. Of course the principal looked at my uniquely spelled name and enthusiastically instructed “Linky Ray” to join her on stage. I looked around for the foreign exchange student who was lucky enough to win such a prestigious award and was quickly ushered out of my seat by my teacher.

Needless to say, Linky stuck through high school, morphed into Slinky and was later shortened to Slink. To this day, a handful of people call me Slink, including my high school friend Julie, my niece and everyone standing around my niece at any given moment because she has never heard of this stranger named Lincee.

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