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It’s almost the freakin’ weekend everyone! Get pumped! Get excited! And get a pumpkin spiced latte before Starbucks switches to the red cups and add cinnamon to everything! Here are some fun links for you to read as you wait for five o’clock to roll around. Enjoy!

Thank you to IHGB reader Ridgely who sent me this fun link about where former Bachelor contestants are now!

Did you know that there is a third Bridget Jones movie? This seems weird since the second one was less-than-stellar. With that said, HELLO MR. DARCY!

Rolling up your sleeves is sooooooooo uncool now. My stylist friend Natalie told me about the J. Crew sleeve roll method months ago. Here’s a guide. Although my upper arms may be a little too meaty for how many times The Crew suggests I roll, I’m definitely on board with it.

ABC Family decided that their name was too safe for their target market. That’s code for, “We want to appear cool in front of the millennials.” Their new name is Freeform. I find it very odd, but not as strange as their new word for millennials — becomers.

I wrote a book review on Sara Bareilles new memoir Sounds Like Me. She is one talented lady!

Here’s the review for Bl00d & Oil in which Chase Crawford could have sported his abs, but some doctor fixed his burnt back without asking him to remove his shirt. Silly doctor.

Here’s a recap for The Big Bang Theory. I LOVE THIS SEASON!

I also wrote a tribute to the musical moments from New Girl. Who doesn’t love a theatrical representation of woodland creatures?

Happy weekend everyone!

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October 9, 2015 2:29 pm

“ABC Family’s new name is Freeform” is code for “we want to show as much {add drugs, sex, etc.} as any other channel, so we need to take the “family” out of our name.

In my opinion, they’ve been going downhill for the last few seasons, so this doesn’t really surprise me, but it does make me sad. Can we just have one wholesome channel, please?

October 10, 2015 12:44 pm
Reply to  Amy

Agree with Amy…!

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