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We made it to the weekend everyone! We got through the sugar shock of Valentine’s Day, the music of the Grammys and now we can concentrate on Cadbury Creme Eggs and the Oscars. Where does the time go?

On the other hand, if you’re needing a bit of distraction to get you through the Friday afternoon slump, check out these links:

Here are 18 household items that you may be using wrong. I don’t know why I love these articles, but I do. The TicTac one was an eye opener.

Do you ever wonder if a celebrity’s hair is fake or real? Well wonder no more!

These guys are called The Brotherhood and I am obsessed with their dancing.

Elvis Presley singing to a puppet? Yes, please.

Avatar is finally opening in Disney World. Does this look cool or what? (Disclaimer: I don’t remember Avatar the movie.)

And finally, here’s my Big Bang Theory recap for this week over at Entertainment Weekly.


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February 17, 2017 4:42 pm

The Brotherhood boys were amazing! By the time I got to the last song in the medley I was hooked.

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