Bachelor in Paradise Season Finale Part 2: Just Kidding

Bachelor in Paradise Season Finale Recap — Part 2 I don’t know about you, but I was pretty underwhelmed during part two of the Bachelor in Paradise season finale, other than the one dramatic breakup. The best part of the entire episode was Our Host Chris Harrison looking FLY in his grey suite, purple tie, and fresh haircut. He had me shook. Er, I was shooketh. I had the shakes?

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Bachelor in Paradise Season Finale: Hello Mr. Heartache

Bachelor in Paradise Season 5 Finale — Part 1 There’s no reason to spend time on anything other than the two major events that went down last night. Who cares that Jordan and Jenna went on a date where a purple-haired man made them pose for engagement photos? Why should we waste time discussing the fact that Jordan’s chest hair has merged with his beard hair? Or that Jenna was

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Bachelor in Paradise recap: Russian witch hunt

Bachelor in Paradise recap: Season 5, Episode 9 Was it just me, or did this episode of Bachelor in Paradise feel a bit dull compared to previous episodes? I found myself easily distracted due to boredom. For example, when Astrid gives us the 4-1-1 on the six strong couples who are sure to find success on this Mexican beach, I heard nothing. I simply stared at her shortalls in wonderment.

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Bachelor in Paradise recap: Paradise has been shooketh

Bachelor in Paradise Recap: Season 5, Episode 8 Well, after this morning’s announcement, my feelings about the bachelor franchise are all over the map. Bachelor in Paradise seems like an odd wonderland right now, where unlike Alice, the girls traipse around in bikinis with weird blobs attached to their butts. The guys are the Mad Hatter, unable to make decisions that make sense. There are lots of dodo birds, numerous

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Bachelor in Paradise recap: Rock solid

Bachelor in Paradise: Season 5, Episode 7 Although we did have a fight, in which zero punches were thrown, as well as another phallic moment with a food item, Bachelor in Paradise season 5 is all about the couples who do nothing but sleep and drink. Kudos to this season’s cast for going out of their way to find such perfect love! To make this recap as painless as possible,

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