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Bachelor Peter Recap: Torn

It’s fantasy suite week and just like Natalie Imbruglia, Madison is torn. We pick up exactly where we left off from hometowns with Madison asking for a private audience with Peter. As she makes her way to him, looking scared to death in her white bedazzled jumpsuit she borrowed from Cher’s closet in 1967, Peter quickly becomes concerned and motions for her to sit on the roaming bench.  Madison’s faith

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Bachelor Peter Recap: Pop That Cork

Twelve: Number of women who shed at least one tear. Six: Number of denim panties parading down a catwalk.Two: Number of champagne setups at a cocktail partyInfinity: Number of times I got lost in Our Host Christ Harrison’s eyes Welcome to season 24 and a Bachelor Peter Recap! SIMPLE DISCLAIMER The following information you are about to read is of personal opinion. However, if you or someone you follow on

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Bachelor Colton Recap: Yo ho

I have to hand it to The Bachelor. After twenty-seven seasons, you’d think we would have showcased a pageant scandal on the franchise, but no. Mike Fleiss had to search near and far to find two best friend former beauty queens, willing to go on national television to unleash their inner beasts. And let us not forget the teeny tiny pirate wench who doesn’t want to be associated with the

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Bachelor Colton Recap: Like a Virgin

For seventeen years, Mike Fleiss has gathered a select team of producers, show runners, psychotherapists, hair people, makeup people, and one lone ABC Intern to create magical drama that draws audiences into a world of unrealistic dating. It’s up to these individuals to come up with a plan that encourages viewers, like you and me, to take this journey to find love with one lucky guy or gal who is

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Meet Bachelor Colton’s Ladies

Wednesday night I set my alarm to sound off at 11:45 AM Thursday morning. Our Host Chris Harrison posted that he would be announcing the gaggle of women vying for the heart of Bachelor Colton live on Facebook. And we all know Our Host Chris Harrison is at his best when he’s unbridled and live.  I don’t know why I was unprepared emotionally to see him again. Many moons have

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