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IHGB #257: Bachelor Clayton Season Finale

Hello everyone! I’m feeling wishy-washy about this episode. Why? Because I haven’t technically worked out my feelings. It’s like that time Chandler said on Friends, “Can open. Worms EVERYWHERE!” Am I mad? Disappointed? Conflicted if Clayton is the worst bachelor in franchise history? Am I happy? Relieved it’s over? Counting down the days until Serene’s brother Roland is the next bachelor? I just don’t know. What I do know is

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IHGB #256: Bachelor Clayton Fantasy Suites

Y’all. What is happening on The Bachelor? How did we have so much drama packed into forty-five minutes? There’s so much to unpack, and Some Guy in Austin and I make it our mission to figure out precisely what Clay-en is thinking. Was he going 3 for 3? Does he really love three women? Can we count on that volcano being dormant? Would Susie have walked away with the Future

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IHGB #255: Bachelor Clayton Hometowns

Well, it seems like just yesterday, Clay-en was the big, bumbling guy trying to capture Michelle’s attention by building forts for children out of hotel bed sheets.  Now he’s buying flowers, meeting parents, and attempting to judiciously answer the question, “Do you love my daughter?” It’s hometowns. That means scary siblings, difficult dads, and random wannabes who are either vying for screen time or slowly wishing The Bachelor camera crews

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IHGB #254: Bachelor Clayton Episode 7

Hello everyone, Well, it was a big night, dear listeners, and with the help of a Freudian psychoanalyst, Clay-en has managed to narrow down his prospects to four women who appear to be here for the right reasons.  Some Guy in Austin and I break down each date, providing details on what we feel were moments of gold. Look no further than Chris de Burgh. Yes, the “Lady in Red”

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IHGB #253: Bachelor Clayton Episode 6

Hello everyone, Some Guy in Austin and I are back with this week’s episode of the iHateGreenBeans podcast, and we discuss so many important things that helped us navigate through last week. Such as: Valentine’s candy. Are you a conversation heart person? Or would you prefer not to eat chalk? The Super Bowl halftime show. Great? Or old? Hot chicken on a cold salad. Yay or Nay? Backstreet Boys vs.

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