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Bachelor Clayton Recap: Friends With Benefits

Bachelor Clayton Recap | Episode 2 As we settle into the second week of Clay-en’s journey to find love, several things are made clear by the end of this two-hour extravaganza. First of all, everyone seems more relaxed in the official Bachelor mansion, excluding Jesse Palmer, who gives off a “what am I doing here” vibe. You can tell someone in the front office likened this hosting gig to a former

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Bachelor Clayton Recap: Finding His Person

Bachelor Clayton Recap | Episode 1 It has taken me multiple hours to write this recap, thanks to the COVID virus currently partying it up in my immune system. I’ve been writing about this silly show for nearly twenty years, and the idea of missing an inaugural post of a brand new season just wouldn’t do. Insisting I quarantine from my roommate Lara, I watched the glory of Clayton’s season

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