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‘The Bachelor’ favorite quotes from season 19

Thanks to everyone for hanging in there with me this season. We totally had a connection. It’s a journey I will never forget. Y’all are amazing. I’ve compiled your favorite quotes from the last 10 weeks. Join me as we remember sweet friends like drunk girl and YOLO. Enjoy! The journey begins… Remember Jordan’s friend at the rose ceremony?

‘The Bachelor’ season finale recap: Arlington, Iowa population— 416 + 1 (and a cow)

If you haven’t watched the season finale of The Bachelor and you don’t want to know who The Farmer chose to help him shuck corn, you may want to stop reading right now. For real. Don’t read any more. Also, how have you not seen any spoilers? According to Our Host Chris Harrison, this is the most dramatic season finale known to man. It’s all anyone will be talking about

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‘The Bachelor’ season finale: Let’s vote!

It’s time to weigh in everyone. Will our bachelor overlook Becca’s unwillingness to profess her love and choose her anyway, hoping that she’s willing to trade in the LA traffic for rows and rows of corn? Or will he pick Whitney? The one girl who he sort of likes, but is confident she’ll say yes if he gets down on one knee since all she talks about is wanting to

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‘The Bachelor’ Women Tell All: Then they cry before telling some more

According to Our Host Chris Harrison, this has been the most shocking season of The Bachelor in 19 seasons. “Shocking” isn’t necessarily the word I would use, but it certainly has been entertaining. With that said, the Women Tell All episode is traditionally 80-percent mind-numbingly boring and 20-percent less boring. Because I respect your time and appreciate your willingness to visit each and every week, I’m going to do my

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‘The Bachelor’ recap: Bali-hai, Bali-bye

Farmer: Bali is the perfect place to fall in love. Lincee: Do you think that is true? My Mother: No. -Pause- Mama: Wait! That’s the setting of South Pacific! Mama begins singing “Bali Hai.” I secretly film her. Don’t tell. Mama: Yes. They can fall in love there. There you have it folks. Linea Ray has officially given her permission for The Farmer to fall in love in Bali. She

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