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IHGB #237: Bachelor in Paradise 2021 Finale Recap

Bachelor in Paradise has reached its end, and because we love you, Some Guy in Austin and I watched all three hours, so you didn’t have to. Let’s face it. All you want to know is who left the beach broken-hearted and who left the beach with a ring on her finger.  We’ve got all the details for you right here, including the dude who left with another dude on his

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IHGB #236: Bachelor in Paradise Week 7 Recap

We are one episode away from finding out who is leaving the beach with an Uncle Neil ring on her finger, thereby ensuring at least a few months of influencer fame, and who will be cashing in fifteen minutes of fame at a Las Vegas casino. The anticipation is killing Some Guy in Austin. He is so excited to see if Mari and Kenny make it out in the real

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IHGB #235: Bachelor in Paradise Week 6 Recap

We’re getting down to the nitty-gritty, dear reader. There are only three weeks left to celebrate the pending proposals of those who found love on the beaches of Bachelor in Paradise, and for some reason, ABC thinks we need THREE HOURS to start wrapping this mother up next Tuesday.  There’s absolutely nothing we can do about it. Like a looming tropical storm heading straight for us, we will have to

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IHGB #234: Bachelor in Paradise Week 5 Recap

Let me just say that digesting two hours of Bachelor in Paradise is a treat. I appreciate that the producers have condensed the episode into edible chunks of drama. They packed so much into 120 minutes! People are leaving left and right. Newbies are showing up with their fresh faces. Ladies crying buckets of tears. Did I know Blake at the beginning? Nope.Was I sad for Tammy getting kicked off

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IHGB #232: Bachelor in Paradise Week 4 Recap

Bachelor in Paradise Week 4 brought SO…MUCH…D-R-A-M-A. And I loved every second. Some Guy in Austin and I have thoughts upon thoughts. For example: When did Grocery Store Joe get so feisty? Will Tammy run out of tears by the end of the next episode? Why is Chris voted off the island, yet Brendan and Pieper are galvanting freely? Is Brendan a complete and total Chach? I’ll give you a hint:

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