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‘Bachelor Paradise’ recap: YOPO is not going to happen

Brutal and sad. These are the two terms that kept racing through my mind as I sat motionless watching this tremendous waste of time. My notes aren’t that much better. When the entire page consists of the words putz, REENACTMENT, hot Harrison, short denim overalls, oiled up, long lost Hemsworth brother, sponsored man necklaces and about a million bless her hearts, the recap doesn’t look very promising. It’s times like

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Pass the germ squirt

I think the best way for us to get through Bachelor Paradise is for everyone to virtually hold hands and think happy thoughts. Our cast of characters were clearly chosen based on their extreme willingness to perpetuate drama, their seduction technique, those who rock a set of abs and/or those who maintain a general sense of douchbaggery. A few years ago, I wrote some guidelines for Bachelor Pad contestants. I

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