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IHGB #250: Bachelor Clayton Episode 2

Hello everyone, Before we jump into this week’s episode, recapping everyone’s favorite wooden bachelor, I wanted to remind you that the show will NOT be on next week. I believe the NFL takes precedence over Clay-en, and Monday night’s slot is reserved for football. Which is fine. That gives y’all plenty of time to click on the link in the show notes to join our very own Bachelor bracket with

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IHGB #249: Bachelor Clayton Episode 1

Hello everyone, Sadly, I missed last week’s introduction into Clay-en’s season due to a little virus known as COVID wrecking havoc on my immune system. I’ve been writing about this silly show for nearly twenty years, and the idea of missing an inaugural post of a brand new season just wouldn’t do. Insisting I quarantine from my roommate Lara, I watched the glory of Clayton’s season unfold on an iPad in

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IHGB #207 Bachelor Matt James Finale

Hey y’all! To say that Bachelor Matt James’ season finale was the most dramatic is an understatement. Although most of you probably knew the controversy that swirled around Rachael, one of his final two picks, I can report that many other moments had me wagging my finger at the screen, sucking in my breath in shock, and shaking my head in disbelief.  I will guess that most of you listening

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IHGB #206 Bachelor Matt James: Fantasy Suites

Well, it’s fantasy suite week, and there were way more tears than I would have anticipated for a time that traditionally is celebrated with champagne toasts, chocolate-covered strawberries, and “do not disturb” signs for the door. Seriously. There were lots of reasons to cry, and Some Guy in Austin and I discuss them all. For example: Is ABC the worst for trotting out Matt James’ dad for a fireside chat

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IHGB #204 Bachelor Matt James: Women Tell All

Hello everyone ! As with most Women Tell All episodes, I prepared myself for a night full of ruffled feathers and consuming a stiff drink in anticipation of a long episode that could easily have been culled to twenty-five minutes of important information. What I didn’t expect was the power to go out for three hours, forcing me to retreat to the only other person in my life who still has regular

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