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El Bachelor Latino Recap-o: Episode Juan

It’s been a long, cold winter and I am so happy that JUAN-uary has finally arrived to warm us up. Here’s what we learned from the ubiquitous new Bachelor season b-roll footage: Juan Pablo is still hot and wears purple socks and suits that are too tight. Our Host Chris Harrison is impeccable and is making charcoal grey — fetch. Lincee is trying to make “fetch” happen. ABC makes us

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It just got real

BEHOLD! Through an earlier Twitter exchange of tweets, I can confirm that Our Host Chris Harrison HIMSELF will be uploading a video. Only two questions remain… 1. Will Our Host be wearing this in his video? 2. What are my next steps? [poll id=”23″]

And then there were two

I’ve only be recapping this show for the last six years…what do I know?   Kudos to ABC for keeping me on my toes.  I really thought Molly was a goner.  I literally uttered a gasp when he called her name.  And from all the uncomfortable blushing I was experiencing during Jillian and Jason’s soft core porn scene in the wine vat/pseudo hot tub, I pretty much assumed the two

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