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Bachelorette Katie Recap: Right Reasons

Bachelorette Katie Recap | Week 2 Hello dear readers. After the flabbergastion (that’s a word) of last night’s episode, I find myself scratching my head, puzzling through multiple questions. These include, but are not limited to: Huh?Why is he still talking?Really?Did Katie understand that he’s a virgin?What?Have these people ever seen the show?Seriously?Does Andrew S. have a single uncle? It was a wild and crazy second week. One that left

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Bachelorette Katie Recap: Cat got your tongue?

Bachelorette Katie Recap Episode 1(Psst: Clicking on the guy’s name will take you to his Instagram account!) Who knew that when Katie sauntered up to Matt James with an adult toy in hand, she would one day be forever memorialized as the twenty-fifth woman to hold the title of Bachelorette? She’s “sex-positive,” and if you don’t like it, you can hit the road, buster.  Based on the number of sexual

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