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Congratulations Roberto! Or should I say Row-bear-toe?

I think most of us would be willing to agree that this was a pretty good season. I am indifferent when it comes to Ali, but I thoroughly enjoyed the gaggle of men who paraded before us during the opening ceremonies. Sure her journey to find true love was besmirched by the sneaky motives of Rated-R, crazy antics of Kasey and bold professions of love, albeit not to our Bachelorette,

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Bachelorette Ali: The Finale

Instead of pulling a Womack like so many of us predicted in the last post, Ali decided to pull a Frank. I did not see that coming. It was a much needed bit of drama during what will go down as the least dramatic rose ceremony in Bachelor history.  Kudos to ABC! The recap will be up later this afternoon.  I have to go sell my Roberto rookie card to

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The men tell us nothing we don’t already know

I’d like to start out by thanking all of you for your love and support. The sweet notes left in the comment section are extremely flattering. And the friend requests on Facebook have been overwhelming! I welcome you all with open arms! Group hug everyone! (A quick shout out to Jody Henry who friended me and I accidentally hit ignore on my Blackberry. Please try friending again! I’ll totally accept

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Bachelorette Ali: The Men Tell All

Recap will be up as soon as I finish my fan letter to Our Host.  It’s called, “How Do I Love Thee?  Let Me Count the Ways:  An Ode to Chris Harrison.”

Frankly speaking

Thanks to everyone for hanging in there with me when my server decides to repetitively attack my blogging program and convince you all I had moved and taken a job with Google in New Guinea. Or that I’m FORBIDDEN. It’s been an AWESOME couple of days. You know you’ve made it when you’ve been hacked! I’ve been told that I should feel honored and that I’VE ARRIVED! Hopefully we’ll get

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