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Bachelorette Jenn Recap: G’Day Mate

Bachelorette Jenn Recap | Season 21 | Episode 2 I am a professional, and I think that it is only fair that I apologize to Double N Jenn for poking fun at the way she pronounced Melbourne, Australia when she lifted her flute of champagne to “cheers” that her boys would be foregoing any stateside nonsense in lieu of an adventure down under. Apparently, the locals do pronounce it “Mel-bun.”  Jenn,

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Bachelorette Jenn Recap: Ferocious Love

Bachelorette Jenn Recap | Season 21 | Episode 1 Welcome to the new season of The Bachelorette! I’m so excited to follow Double N Jenn on her amazing journey to find love, and yes, I did have to look up her name before writing that sentence.  In case you also had trouble remembering Jenn’s storyline, ABC did a marvelous job of cobbling together all seventeen minutes of her time with

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