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IHGB #228 Bachelorette Katie Finale

Well, Season 27 of The Bachelorette has gloriously come to an end. Katie is currently happy with her default, and we are ready to close this chapter of our journey. But before we do, Some Guy in Austin and I break down the finale, discussing very important things, such as: Is Aunt Lindsey a Man Eater? Did Greg dodge a bullet? Has the burning Zozobra visited your nightmares yet? And

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Bachelorette Katie Finale Recap: What Will Aunt Lindsey Say?

Bachelorette Katie Finale I have thoughts. There are so many scenarios running around in this head of mine that I hardly know where to begin. But, never in the eighteen years of recapping this show have, I witnessed viewers display such strong feelings regarding the details surrounding the show lead’s final choice.  We all stood in solidarity, hating Juan Pablo with a passion. Arie dumping Becca on the yellow couch

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IHGB #226 Bachelorette Katie Hometowns

Hello everyone! It’s a big episode as Some Guy in Austin and I debate back and forth, trying to figure out what exactly happened as one of Katie’s frontrunners decided to cease and desist from his journey to find love.  We unpack a lot, including Some Guy in Austin’s revelation that he is a show tunes guy. I hope you are entertained by the sneaky way I prove this midway

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Bachelorette Katie Hometowns Recap: I Like the Way You Look

Bachelorette Katie Hometowns  I have to admit that this recap feels daunting. After watching Katie’s “hometowns,” followed by a quick perusal of the Twitterverse, I’ve deduced that much like our friend Greg, Bachelor Nation is reeling in emotions. We are divided, dear reader. And social media dictates that you must choose sides. Are you Team Greg? Or are you Team Katie?  I’m not ashamed to admit that more than half

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IHGB #225 Bachelorette Katie Recap: Men Tell All

Hello everyone! I’ve been podcasting for four years, so this was bound to happen sooner or later. Unfortunately, some Guy in Austin and I experienced technical difficulties. That means the editing is, how shall I put this, a little choppy. Let the record show that Some Guy in Austin did not blow a gasket. Neither did I. We both know that poor audio on a podcast that we record for

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