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IHGB #248 Bachelorette Michelle Finale

It’s over, people. Finally, Michelle has found her soulmate.  Or her soul-Nayte, if you will.  Some Guy in Austin and I give you the highlights of what went down. We also work in Top Gun and Aerosmith references because we are professionals who love what we do. Seriously. Tis the season to be jolly, and I couldn’t be happier with this little podcast and those of you who take the

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Bachelorette Michelle Finale: Soul-Nayte

Bachelorette Michelle Recap | Finale It’s happening, people. Michelle has found her soulmate. Or her soul-Nayte, if you will. Even though there was a sliver of a moment that I thought Brandon might just pull this one off, everyone’s favorite baby-faced bachelor didn’t tick the win column this go around. Was the finale boring? A bit. Did it haven’t moments of shock and awe? Absolutely. Instead of ticking through all the minute

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