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IHGB #218 Bachelorette Katie Recap: Episode 2

Hello everyone! Well, it was a wild and crazy second week. One that left Katie dropping hardcore F-bombs, not once but twice in a matter of twenty-four hours. I’m not sure if you picked up on this, but some individuals may not be here for the right reasons. Some Guy in Austin discuss this reality, along with some other things we noticed, such as: Does the Canadian have bear claw

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IHGB #217 Bachelorette Katie Recap: Episode 1

Who knew that when Katie sauntered up to Matt James with an adult toy in hand, she would one day be forever memorialized as the twenty-fifth woman to hold the title of Bachelorette? She’s “sex-positive,” and if you don’t like it, you can hit the road, buster.  Some Guy in Austin and I break down week one of Katie’s journey to find love. So what floats this woman’s boat? We

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Bachelorette Tayshia Finale Recap: Clarky and the Queen

Bachelorette Tayshia Finale Recap | It feels weird writing about Tayshia’s journey to find love on the cusp of the Baby Jesus entering this world, yet here we are folks. In former seasons, I’ve never had to frantically slap something together moments before getting on the road for some well-deserved Yuletide cheer!  I’m not going to be a Grinch about it and ditch the recap altogether, yet I am on

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IHGB #194 — Bachelorette Tayshia Finale: He Put A Ring On It

We finally reached the finale of Tayshia’s journey, and it was a doozy. And by “doozy,” I mean everyone was still sweating up a storm. But Tayshia is happy and in love and has a Neil Lane ring on a very important finger. Some Guy in Austin and I break down the two part finale for you.  We discuss: How Ivan was robbed of a proper fantasy suite. What was

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IHGB #193 — Bachelorette Tayshia Week 6: Gonna Make You Sweat

Hello everyone ! Listen, this episode is all over the map. With four hours of content to cover, Some Guy in Austin and I do our best not to say, “everyone was sweaty,” and call it a day.  We dig deep for topics and discuss the following: How purple seems to be the color of the season Brendan’s fetch niece Zac’s earlobe perspiration Ivan’s brotherly love And Ben’s talent for

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