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IHGB #245 Bachelorette Michelle Hometowns Recap

It’s that time! Hometowns are here, and we get to see a bunch of dysfunctional people try and puzzle through how their loved ones could fall head-over-heels for a complete stranger in a matter of weeks. I’ve said it once, and I’ll probably say it again, but I’ve had a carton of milk in my refrigerator longer than Brandon has been falling for Michelle. Unfortunately, we didn’t see many crazies

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IHGB #244 Bachelorette Michelle Recap: Episode 6

Well, at the beginning of this bachelorette episode, showrunners made sure Michelle beat it into our brains that next week is hometowns. If the tradition of the previous seventeen seasons remains, quick math results in the astounding conclusion that four men will be standing at the end of this two-hour extravaganza, and four losers will be sitting silently in the rejection SUV, wondering where they went wrong. Some Guy in

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IHGB #243 Bachelorette Michelle Recap: Episode 5

Hello everyone! Full disclosure: Some Guy in Austin and I laugh a lot on this episode. It makes for a fun time when you’re both hopped up on cough medicine, trying to figure out which dudes on Michelle’s roster are here for the right reasons.  Sure, there are some questionable eggs in her basket which may need a one-way ticket back home, but I can envision Michelle happy with not

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IHGB #241 Bachelorette Michelle Recap: Episode 4

I want to start this episode off with an apology. I was attacked by the crud last week, which kept insisting I lay horizontal no matter how I insisted that things needed to get done. In the end, it was the podcast that suffered the host’s wrath that took up residence in my body. For that, I apologize. I rarely miss an episode, and I appreciate those who reached out

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IHGB #240 Bachelorette Michelle Recap: Episode 2

Well, it’s episode two, and Michelle is already crying, debating whether she should have hopped on this particular train wreck to find love, and I’m not happy about it. There’s some weird protective instinct I have when it comes to her, and I’m slowly beginning not to trust any of her cast.  Some Guy in Austin and I dig through the roster to see who is a Chach and who

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