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IHGB #251 – Now Playing: Volume 2

Can you believe the last time we discussed music and movies on this podcast was SEPTEMBER? What in the world? That explains why Todd’s list of binge-worthy shows and films is as long as my arm. The good news is that I recruited Lara to join us to help Todd sift through the dark and twisty shows since I don’t enjoy watching people get killed for no reason. Additionally, Lara

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IHGB #169: I Want My Binge TV

Hello everyone! In today’s episode, Todd and I lament over the fact that we are unable to record our summer movie preview.  Remember going to a movie theater? Fun times. Those were the good old days before the year 2020 started acting like your drunk uncle at the family reunion.  Well, Todd and I powered through the pain and shifted gears, creating a list that, in this day and age,

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