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IHGB #231: Bachelor in Paradise Week 3 Recap

The technical difficulties that plagued me during this podcast almost made me lose my Christianity. There’s a dainty cloud of profanity that still hangs over the house as I write this sentence, but all I’m going to ask you to do is extend a heaping serving a grace to this episode. Do I own a microphone and professional equipment? Yes, I do. Does it sound like my first time podcasting?

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IHGB #229 Bachelor in Paradise Premiere

The time has come for twenty people who sort of know each other to gather together at a Mexican resort and day drink (until it’s time to nighttime drink) for three weeks solid. No one is safe from itchy sand, moldy beach beds, bold crabs, aggressive aqua fowl, and a tiny pocket person named Demi. Look, I know most of you didn’t watch Bachelor in Paradise. That’s why I begged

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