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Bachelor in Paradise Recap: You Guessed It

Y’all, we made it. Some of the couples may have not survived Paradise, but we can bask in the glory that we trudged through another season of tears and debauchery and made it out relatively unscathed on the other side of the beach.  What is our reward? Why, it’s the promise of a new dawn, a new day, and a new life in the form of… Peter the Pilot.  His

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Bachelor in Paradise Recap: Denim Panties

When you turn on the television expecting to see Our Host Chris Harrison, but instead see Monday Night Football, emotions can run rampant. That’s what happened to me this week. Luckily, JJ Watt was there to make everything better for the most part. Unfortunately, Bachelor in Paradise didn’t air until MIDNIGHT, so I was forced to watch Monday’s show hours before Tuesday’s debacle aired. If you’re doing the math, that’s

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