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IHGB #284: Reba

Hello everyone! I went to see Reba McEntire with Lara, and it was exactly what we hoped it would be. The concert had EVERYTHING. Multiple costume changes, a fun-loving crowd, an execution of “Fancy” that still gives me chills, and an American Sign Language interpreter who I want to be my new best friend. Oh, you don’t like Reba? Well, I still love you, even though I don’t understand how

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Awake My Soul

My friend Nancy Jane introduced me to Mumford & Sons in 2009. Like me, one of Nancy Jane’s spiritual gifts is making mix tapes. I remember the song “Roll Away Your Stone” was among the tracks of dear artists like Amos Lee, Ray LaMontagne and Mindy Smith. Because I’m a bit of a slow mover, I didn’t drink the Mumford Kool-Aid right away. It’s not that I didn’t like them

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