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Amazing story meeting the amazing cowboy

Approximately two weeks ago, I put something out there in my own personal iHateGreenBeans universe and the beaners answered.  I have to give thanks where thanks is due.  It was the brilliant idea of my friend Rebecca to toss a bold suggestion out as my opener for the season finale of Jake’s Bachelor season, and for that I am forever in her debt. For those of you who are wondering

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Bulls, blood, dust and mud

Tomorrow is the big day.  Going to meet half of the Amazing Race cowboy team and then cheer Cord McCoy in his bull riding efforts. Never fear…I have my list of questions and Flip Cam ready to report back to the masses! For those of you who would like to join me, the PBR Touring Pro Division event is at 7:30pm at Resistol Arena. Tickets are $10 for reserved seats, $25

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Giddy Up!

I have the best readers in the WORLD! Tuesday night, I received an email from the Professional Bull Riders, Inc. inviting me to meet Cord McCoy at the Mesquite Rodeo next week! The sound you all heard that night was my jaw dropping to the ground. Needless to say, I am super excited.  I am going to bring a Flip Cam and video an interview with the alarmingly adorable cowboy. 

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