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‘Dancing with the Stars’ recap: Season 21 Finale

The Dancing with the Stars season 21 finale packed in a ton of entertainment in just two hours. Erin Andrews covered a huge dance extravaganza at The Grove with a cast of characters who did their best to channel their inner Rockette. Chaka rocked some serious red feathers. Hayes was adorable. Victor popped out of a present on the stage. Peta is definitely back. Allison is seriously showing and could

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‘Dancing with the Stars’ recap: The Finals

It’s the Dancing with the Stars finals and everyone is in major inspirational catch phrase mode. Contestants have “nothing to lose and everything to gain,” while pros are “in it to win it.” The producers decide to celebrate the last few days of season 21 with a party vibe. Meghan Trainor is obviously invited to be a guest performer. She opens the show with the kicky song “I’m Better When

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‘Dancing with the Stars’ recap: Semi-Finals

We are in the home stretch with season 21 of Dancing with the Stars. It’s hard to believe that I’ve been complaining about Derek and Bindi never performing first for 10 whole weeks! Who would have thought my wishes would be granted on semi-final night? And who cares that it doesn’t technically count as “going first” when you’re performing three times in one night. Po-TAY-tow, pa-TAH-tow. We begin with a

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‘Dancing with the Stars’ recap: Showstopper Week

Tom Bergeron wants you to know that Dancing with the Stars is a LIVE show. And you never know what’s going to happen. For example, Tamar is at the hospital and NO ONE KNOWS if she is going to make it back in time for her contemporary dance with Val! This is Hollywood, people. The show MUST go on! Put on your bedazzled jacket, sprinkle some glitter on your bosom

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‘Dancing with the Stars’ recap: Inspirational Icons

It’s Inspirational Icon week on Dancing with the Stars and the pros celebrate with an opening number that features all of the girls in gold fringe (yes) dancing with tambourines (Yes) to “River Deep Mountain High” (YES). The judges are prepped for teary montages, the stars are ready to battle each other in a sudden death competition and Erin Andrews is back from the World Series. All is right in

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