‘Dancing with the Stars’ recap: Hometown Glory — Part 2

I thought last night’s episode of Dancing with the Stars was a repeat of Monday night because I saw “Hometown Glory” in the description portion of my handy DVR. Luckily, I was watching (dare I say cringing?) through The Muppets and was still a little disappointed with Kermit using the term “sexy” when Tom Bergeron popped up on my screen to announce that the SECOND ROUND of Hometown Glory was

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‘Dancing with the Stars’ recap: Lots of room to grow

Can you believe there have been 21 seasons of Dancing with the Stars? At this point, ABC has run out of soap actresses and retired football players who are willing to throw on a little sequins and perform junior high level choreography in front of a live audience. Even Len Goodman hung up his dancing shoes this round, leaving more time for Bruno to shout out inappropriate innuendos at those

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‘Dancing with the Stars’ recap: Spring Break!!!!

As Tom Bergeron announced that this week’s Dancing with the Stars theme was “Spring Break,” several things went through my mind. What is this “Spring Break” you speak of, and how can I get one? Does this mean Val will be shirtless?! Will Bruno take a body shot off of Len? Something tells me the JV dance troupe will be out in full force. I can feel it. The night

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