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‘The Bachelor’ recap: Just breathe

I think we can all agree that The Bachelor reached new levels of crazy last night. With the love guru’s wispy instruction, a blonde’s interesting take on US geography, a former shunned contestant’s profession, a non-hygienic front-runner, and a widow with a “tragic and amazing story,” I have no doubt that the ABC Psychotherapist will definitely be publishing papers about these women. Naturally, I enjoyed each second. Especially the huge

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‘The Bachelor’ recap: You gotta rub me the right way

Each season of The Bachelor, we sit in front of our television expecting those moments that make us either want to dive into the depths of our couch cushions or silently shake our head in imperious contempt at the state of the current gene pool in America. My point is simple. It’s not hard to predict, due to the premise of this show, that at least a handful of those

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‘The Bachelor’ recap: Heigh-ho the derry-o

It’s been too long my dear friends. And I’m so sorry we had to experience such a lame red carpet “event” to kick-off Prince Farming’s season of The Bachelor. Apparently anyone within driving distance who has ever been on the previous 37 seasons of any Bachelor franchise was given a golden ticket to walk up and down (or just stand around) roughly 150 yards of crimson fabric splitting the middle

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