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‘The Bachelor’ recap: A nude awakening

I’m going to kick this Bachelor recap off with a very bold statement—I have been thoroughly entertained this entire season. Truly! Yes, The Farmer may be a nice, good old boy who doesn’t necessarily excel in front of the camera, but what he lacks in pizzaz, his potential wives make up for in drama. Couple that with Fleiss’ propensity to shake up the typical episode flow we’ve all but memorized

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‘The Bachelor’ recap: Just breathe

I think we can all agree that The Bachelor reached new levels of crazy last night. With the love guru’s wispy instruction, a blonde’s interesting take on US geography, a former shunned contestant’s profession, a non-hygienic front-runner, and a widow with a “tragic and amazing story,” I have no doubt that the ABC Psychotherapist will definitely be publishing papers about these women. Naturally, I enjoyed each second. Especially the huge

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